The Need To Be Born (Audio Gem #3)

The following clip by Jay Ferris is from a conference Q&A, and is only about a minute long.  Press the play button to listen to the audio right now (or on your computer by right-clicking and downloading it).  Enjoy!


Written Transcript

I’d just like to just add, maybe at risk of life and limb, one other thought to that.  I think it’s important to learn not only from the written word of God, but from the invisible things of God that have been built into the things that are created.  If we are going to transition from “church” to “Kingdom”, we need to be born. Another kind of birth needs to take place.  Jesus said we’ll neither see nor enter the Kingdom if we don’t experience this other kind of birth.  And the old creation tells me that if there’s going to be another kind of birth there’s got to be a pregnancy, and if there’s going to be a pregnancy there’s going to be an impregnation, and if there’s going to be an impregnation there needs to be a seed, and up until the time that Jesus died there was only one. That to me is so important because there is a difference between adoption and birth. Even the old creation knows that. Adoption is a legal matter but birth is a matter of life. So, I think this is something to take into consideration as we think about that, to make our understanding consistent with what life has revealed.

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1 Response to The Need To Be Born (Audio Gem #3)

  1. jimpuntney says:

    Life reveals life, Jesus reveals to each of us as we awaken to Life, the richness and beauty of Life. As The Author of Life He ‘speaks’ to us through His creation, which is teaming with life, life on many levels, all of which express Him.

    Natural birth is the result of intimacy, natural birth requires a mother, natural birth requires nothing of the child, natural birth requires breathing to sustain life, natural birth requires nutrition.

    Natural birth is analogous to our birth from above.

    “But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all.”
    ~ Paul

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