In the Absence of Jesus…

Back in 1994 Jay wrote a personal letter to a big name “church planter/leader.”  In it he confronted what he feared would be a crop of spiritual casualties from yet another ‘movement’ blowing through that was not firmly rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ.  He wrote, warning,

“…In the absence of declaring Jesus as Lord of relationship, the saints are likely, even encouraged to form their own relationships. The result is relational bondage. Whether in authority structures, old and tired denominationalism or even surrounding men and ministries of great revelation, the saints wind up manhandled where relationship is concerned. Relational bondage is the most debilitating, and painful kind of bondage there is.
This relational bondage is fundamental to the maintenance of the division of the Body of Christ, and the primary means by which false prophets lead disciples away after themselves.  Even in the case of yours and ______  [his disciple/co-leader] ministries, in the absence of knowing Jesus as Lord of relationship, the saints are likely to be led away from the Body rather than into it.  In Atlanta, I had a very strong sense of a “we are of ____ (this man’s name)” mentality.
This is especially important where there is great revelation.  Knowledge not only puffs up, but adds to our expectations.

In my conversations with ______ [his disciple/co-leader] about this, he shared his view that “Jonathan – David” type relationships were only for the Old Testament, at least if I understood him correctly.  I am convinced to the contrary.  Both personal experience as well as the weight of New Testament evidence persuades me that it is The Lord who does relationships, and Jonathan and David is, for me, a kind of bench mark or case in point, and shadow…”

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2 Responses to In the Absence of Jesus…

  1. oikoskrk says:

    Right on! It is all about relationship with Jesus and one another.

  2. jimpuntney says:

    ‘unless The Lord builds the house, the weary builders toil in vain” and this repeats with each ‘new’ concept to make ‘church’ better

    someday it will be His ‘day’ and the Light will shine

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