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“Loving like God”, a love that is sourced in Jesus Christ’s passion for His Bride on the Cross, was at the heart of the humble ministry of Jay Ferris who originally started this blog.  After a brave battle with cancer Jay went home in June 2013 at the age of 74, leaving a legacy of lives that have been deeply impacted by this “apostle of love” who preferred to be only be known as a ‘lover in training’.

It is in this spirit that Loving Like God continues!  Not only to preserve and propagate Jay’s writings, but also for an ongoing Christ-centered conversation that brings us closer toward this unity, “in time for the world to know”, John 17:21.

New articles will be posted to this blog site as they come available.  Jay was a prolific communicator, and new, unpublished writings are continually being discovered.  In order for you to stay updated of these, please subscribe by entering your email address in the upper right corner.

Thank you for visiting today!

For more information about Jay Ferris,
visit the Jay Ferris Memorial Page.

14 Responses to About this Website

  1. subscribing! God Bless

  2. Subscribed yesterday…..I’m enjoying your revelatory wisdom!

  3. Andrea Andreasen says:

    just subscribed! Dont know what took me so long>>>We love you and your beautiful family!
    Thank you for LOVING!

  4. Helen Peterson says:

    Please include us in your email list.
    Blessings are yours in Christ Jesus our Lord
    Helen and Warren

    • Will do! It would helpful, however, if you can go to the upper right corner and enter your address in manually. You will get an automatic email after that to confirm. After you confirm, it will be automatic that you get any new posts. Thank you so much! :)

  5. Margi Spencer says:


  6. Margi Spencer says:

    Please add me! Just found you on Facebook .

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