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Books by James Jay Ferris are freely available in both PDF format.  Click on the links below to download for free.

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Not Left Behind.pdf

Description:  To the religious mindset of the Biblical time frame, the conversation appears to be illegal, and so it is today. But for those who were seeking a better life with better answers, then the encounter between the woman and the Man at the well was the beginning of something altogether new. It was new for her. It was new for her family, her race, religion, and nationality. The only thing that got left behind was her geography. The Man on the cover took her to a whole new place, where no one had ever gone before. In short, it was new for human history as well.

Behold The Man

Behold the Man.pdf

Description:  To see Jesus on the cross is to see the end product of human doing, including the doing of God’s people. In fact, to both see, and understand Jesus on the cross, is to identify with the barren woman of Isaiah 54.


Beware the Leaven

Beware The Leaven.pdf

Description: We need to discern the difference between the bread from heaven and sour dough.  One requires the death of the seed.  The other multiplies without seed.  It reproduces without death to itself, and only brings death to its object.  The Bible presents us with two kinds of knowledge: one “puffs up,” the other results in true pregnancy.


The Economy Of Being

The Economy of Being.pdf

Description:  We need to be one in order to access the supply. The only thing that is powerful enough to make us one enough is His love. His love is the medium of exchange. There is no other legal tender in the kingdom of God because the kingdom of God is not about “legal,” it is about spirit, the first fruit/supply of which is love. All of Who Jesus is has been distributed by the Spirit to His body – those who are His.

Getting Personal

Getting Personal.pdf

Description:  We were knit together immediately. It felt like “love at first sight.” I had no doctrine to account for it at the time. I felt like I had been emotionally violated. The feeling was so strong it was as though God had physically altered my heart and mind. It was sovereign. It felt illegal, it felt weird, but it did feel. We continue to walk in that grace right up to today.

Good bye Jethro

Good-bye Jethro

Description:  God told Moses to bring to Him elders, who were already known to be elders and officials. Elders are clearly recognizable among the people. The Word of God is not careless in its use of words. Elders are people who are old relative to others. They are mature, relative to others. God told Moses to select mature men that Moses knew were already serving as leaders.

In Other Words, Sex Is A Parable

In Other Words, Sex Is A Parable.pdf

Description: “In our case, that joy is, at least, two-fold. First: a complete frustration concerning, who we are in the first Adam. Our heavenly Father has facilitated this frustration for us in that He has made the entire old creation subject to frustration. Second: we need to know where our Father wants to take us in a New Creation, a place where we can only go in His Son.  God wants to take us to a place, which is the desire of every human heart. It’s part of the eternity package, which He has placed in the heart of every man. Unless we have a personal revelation of that place which can only come from Him, we will not subject ourselves to the sanctifying work of the Sword of The Spirit, The Word  of God. 19 John 17:21.  We need to have both a frustration, and a hunger and thirst, a certain panting after God.  In Other Words, SEX IS A PARABLE”

The Mark of Cain

The Mark of Cain.pdf

Description:  There is a great vulnerability in being an only child. An only child, a first child gets used to being center stage where the focus of his source is concerned. The desire to be or stay center stage is a big source of strife in the church, a very big source. It is fostered by role models that strive to be first rather than willing to be last. In the flesh, Jesus was the first born of his mother, and last born of the old Adam, and in the Spirit, he is the first born of His heavenly Father.

Menstuous Rags

Menstruous Rags.pdf

Description:  What I am wanting to see is the preservation of language that can bridge the gap between the physical and the spiritual. This is all about Christ and the church! In the end, the church is the “temple!” It is in the church where we see men “… standing where they ought not to be.” Mark 13:14, Again: “(let the reader understand)”!

Money Book 1

Money Book 1.pdf

Description:  Confidence in “mammon” or the world’s stuff is misplaced. It is not the wise choice. It is the choice of “less than.” This book and the Bible are all about “choosing wisely.” Only the love of God can produce “more than” people. “More than” loves, because love is its source. “Less than” takes because it has nothing to give.  Cast out to the east, the Biblical source couple went east, in the direction of the “good gold” of the land of Havilah. This good gold is about The Love of God. In the past 40 years of looking deeper into the gold of Havilah, the author has concluded that there is something more. It is this better than “good gold” that is explored here and offered to those who are looking for the greater meaning of the mess we’re in.

Money Book 2

Money Book 2.pdf

Description:  “Babylon Fallen” is a particularly suitable illustration for Book Two. By Chapter sixteen of Book Two, which has it’s focus on the fall of Babylon, we are ready to look at the Babylonian problem on a number of levels. One way of looking at it is, that Babylon is the default mode of man’s fallenness. By the end of the Bible we find truth personified in two women, one is Babylon, “the great Whore.” Her truth is false. The other is the New Jerusalem, “the bride of Christ.” Her truth is true.  The kings of the earth try to have their way with both of them. In the end, they “succeed in having their way with the prostitute, Babylon. They burn her! What the kings of the earth don’t seem to have discovered yet is Jesus beat them to it. Babylonian thinking was already set on fire on His cross. We trust that this will all come clear as we approach the end… of the book.

Money Book 3

Money Book 3.pdf

Description:  Positioning for the liquidity of heaven. This is a matter of selling one’s value system short, and buying long in the value “system” of heaven. Here we assess the costs and the benefits of saying “yes” to God. To move toward God is to move away from relational dysfunction; it is to be better able, not less able or less willing to get along with others. What has been passing itself off as religion is clearly taking people in the wrong direction. A story about a time share presentation is used to illustrate the point. In the telling of that story, it becomes clear that before the antichrist burns Babylon, Christ burns the Babylon that is located in our hearts and between our ears. It’s all about the content of the heart. Driving out the Canaanites prefigures the liquidity of lovers, not merchants. Guns and lovers, two very different approaches to redistribution. Living with the wisdom of two different worlds.



Description:  What I would like to do is to begin by assuming that all the narratives about the anointing with nard are describing the same event, and look at the distinct information that each one provides. In the above narrative we learn from what immediately precedes it that the anointing takes place two days prior to the Passover. We know that the event took place in Bethany. We also know that the disciples were “indignant.” We also see here and Jesus describes what happened as the perfume having been poured on his body.

Pride Goeth Before Destruction

Pride Goeth Before Destruction.pdf

Description:  Insecurity is destructive – security is creative. Insecure people destroy things and people as a means of establishing their own position and identity. The victimhood psychology of our day plays into this by replacing feelings of guilt and inadequacy with bitterness toward others, “your grandmother dropped you on your head,” by destroying the reputation of others for the sake of the insecure. As an observation, it appears that many enter the field of psychology because of their own insecurities.  The only true and effective weapon against insecurity is the Gospel. Satan as the destroyer is always and everywhere working to destroy the effect of the gospel in the hearts and minds of the redeemed.

Savage Wolves

Savage Wolves.pdf

Description:  Paul is admonishing the Elders, who have been made overseers by the Holy Spirit, to be shepherds of the community of believers. In the exercise of their authority, they are to keep watch, first over themselves, presumably in their relationships with each other, and also the flock. It is clear in what then follows as the focus of Paul’s concern, Paul is very concerned about wolves, and particularly wolves that are in the house or trying to get in the house.

Shuttle Disaster

Shuttle Disaster.pdf

Description:  What struck me is that The Church is also a “space shuttle” of sorts. It could be understood as a shuttle designed and built by The Lord for us to be able to explore spiritual space, a place in The Spirit. The Church is a space shuttle, which was to be built by the Lord, and only by the Lord. He is the only one with the complete knowledge necessary for the provision of all the components required, whether for lift-off, sustained operation in space or re-entry.

Talking With Women

Talking With Women.pdf

Description:  My focus for present purposes is on the fact that the conversation happened and with what it took to make such a conversation possible. Jesus had to go to a place where Jews do not go, sit with a person who Jews do not sit with, and talk with a woman, Jews do not talk to. We had a saying when I was growing up, “Here kids, here’s a quarter, why don’t you go to a movie.” The price of admission might be giving away my age, but the point is, everyone understood what this meant, parents wanted some time alone together. Jesus needed some time alone in order to do something that the kids were not ready to handle.

The Turtle Story

The Turtle Story.pdf

The Lord then opened my understanding. He was showing me what I was left with, and what I was missing. What I saw was that, I was left with the strong, protective, relatively insensitive part. After all, a sensitive shell would be a contradiction in function. I had enough left to successfully interact with the cold cruel world. What was missing was most of my telecommunications equipment. She got that part. I guess you’ve noticed how, everything else being equal, women seem to be able to keep track of a lot more things at once than men can. Actually I think I learned since the vision that a lot of left-right brain connections are broken in males before birth.

Trust and Obey

Trust and Obey.pdf

Description:  Our present difficulty is with vulnerability in transparency. We have all had the experience of sharing our inner thoughts and feelings, only to experience betrayal and rejection as a result. In some sense, we see this in Matthew 7:6, “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, then turn and tear you to pieces.” Having experienced this, we then become defensive and closed. By the time most Christians become leaders, they are very reluctant to share their innermost thoughts, struggles, and feelings. There is a crisis of trust. The temptation, at that point, is to go looking for others who can be trusted, but the search is in vain. Better to trust God, and walk in faithfulness with those he has placed in our lives, in the relationships that God has established.

Ultimate Issues

Ultimate Issues.pdf

Description:  In response to the conclusions of that, which has been called “science,” the historic track record of the Church has been mixed at best. Too often, the Church, in its partial understanding of the revelation of the Scripture has sided with the ridiculous. But the Church’s insistence on standing on the Word has been a bulwark against the collapse of everything that is of value in society. With the unfolding of time and scientific exploration, the Church can take great heart that man at his scientific best has only succeeded in confirming God’s Word, not contradicting it. It is written, “we can do nothing against the truth.” Clearly, our best course is to encourage free scientific inquiry, not make war on it.

What is God Hoping For?

What is God Hoping For.pdf

Description:  Early this morning I started a new blog subject, (lovinglikegod.com) having to do with what God (the Creator) is/was hoping for when He frustrated His own creation, Romans 8:20. (see the blog entry dated February 20, 2011) We desperately need to discover what He is hoping for, because it is the complete opposite of undesirability. It is our being begotten into compatibility with The Father, The Son, and The Spirit.   Help us Lord to get that, so that our lives begin to reflect where you are taking us in Your Son, and not so much where we have been in our flesh!



Description: Looking once again at the central conflict of Scripture, it is clear that, understood in a broad sense, God’s purpose is to bring people to a place which does not shake. Frailty lies at the root of our very mortality. As mortals we are shakable. God wants to bring us to a place which does not shake, not emotionally, not spiritually, not morally, not mentally, not relationally, neither in our clarity of vision nor our vitality nor in the abundance of our life. In another expression, God had promised to build David a house. “we are his house, if we hold on to our courage and the hope of which we boast.” This is to say, “if we don’t shake.” The “work of man’s hands,” on the other hand, in its ultimate expression is identified as the “mark of the beast.” The beast is man. “All men are beasts.” The mark of man is man’s doing. The people of God need to learn how to recognize the difference, not only in the actions of others, but in their own actions as well.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman.pdf

Description:  If we are ever going to see the church from God’s perspective, aside from “fixing out eyes on Jesus,” we need to take another look at women, and less for aesthetic reasons than for lessons in human interaction and intimacy. In short, for those who have eyes to see, women are a window on “… a great wonder in heaven…” By now it has become clear that males are task oriented and females are relationship oriented. Clearly, “…she has chosen the better part.” But, the downside is, because she is so relational, she is more vulnerable to deep relational wounding, than her male counterpart. Because of their task orientation, and in order to “get on with it,” men get over wounded relationships easier than women do.

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