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Jay Ferris DrawingJay Ferris was born in 1938, and after a courageous battle with cancer passed at the age of 74 on June 13th, 2013.   Jay is survived by his wife Carleen, 4 children, 3 grandchildren, and an immeasurable legacy of lives who have been impacted by Jay’s humble ministry which was born out of love and relationships that come from God.

A native of Connecticut, it was back in 1972 when running for the U.S. Congress when the Lord got his attention. Prior to that time he had received a B.A. in economics from the University of Connecticut, and had spent some time in industry, working with Peter Steel, in descent of Lemuel Boulware of General Electric. Through this connection Jay came to know Phil Crane, and became the State Chairman of Young Americans for Freedom. He also became acquainted with The Foundation for Economic Education, (FEE) and the dedicated people who were serving there. It was also during that time that Jay became involved with the Committee for Monetary Research and Education, (CMRE) and the many dedicated seekers and communicators of truth, among them Elizabeth Currier, President of CMRE. That list of people is long and illustrious.

These were the associations, and the personalities that finally positioned Jay to where the Messiah could get his attention, and that He did.  Jay was captivated by the Kingdom of God in 1972. In 1974, while attending a CMRE conference in Washington D.C., he was forever changed by the revelation of an answer sought for years by others who had been concerned with the origins of inflation: “Inflation begins when Government calls money something else.”

In late 1973 or early 1974, Jay and his wife Carleen opened their home, their family, and their lives to what they had just begun to see was “the household dimension” of their inheritance in Christ. Since then, they have continued to gather with others in homes, mostly their own. In the process of making the transition from his old set of values to his new one, Jay spent seven years researching God’s position on money. In 1982 his first book, “Inflation: The Ultimate Graven Image” was published.

Progressive revelations of the love of God in Christ that further changed Jay’s life include what he calls the “Love Patent” and “Jesus is Lord of Relationships”, truths made deeply personal to him which he faithfully shared in small gatherings and conferences where he spoke.  They are frequently referred to in Jay’s writings found in this blog, and were fleshed out, challenged, and enjoyed in very close relationships that the Lord gave him.

Since 1993 the Ferris family settled in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  In June of 2013 Jay peacefully departed this earth, surrounded by love, music, and tender affection.  The first Memorial gathering held in Jay’s honor was July 2013 at the property and was attended by people all over the nation whose lives Jay deeply touched.

To read the testimonials that poured in for Jay’s honor,
open the following link:

Jay Ferris Testimonials [Full Versions – PDF]

Below are just some of the highlights from the complete file above…

“What a lovable guy, kind and generous without compare. The world is a lesser place without him in it.”

“Jay had the capacity to love – and show that love – like few people I know.”

“I loved Jay the moment I met him, and what an impact he still has in me. I have no words to even begin such an expression.”

“There have been a few people that have come across my path who immediately changed my life.  Jay was one of them”

“The day we met, I knew that this is a saint who knows Him, whose very presence expresses Christ before even a word is spoken.”

“I lack words to explain this experience – it was like you knew Jay’s insights were deep, but it came out of his mouth veiled and the weight of it crept up on you. But it was about Christ, not Jay. He cared not about his image. He wasn’t interested in dog-and-pony shows, man-handling the Kingdom, or “spiritual” down-line marketing techniques.”

“Because of Jay I have a yearning for more knowledge & wisdom of God’s word. Because of him I see the importance of ‘relationship’ with others and sharing Jesus on the ‘horizontal’. Because of him I thirst more for God’s revelations and I spend more time allowing those revelations to take a tighter grip on my soul.”

“Jay’s unwavering message spoke to the church, not as an organization or physical structure, but as relationships”

“When I think of Uncle Jay, the following words come to mind: “relationships that come from God” and “love.”  These are the primary lessons he taught me.  For this, I am indebted to him.”

What I remember most was the many conversations I was able to share with Jay about relationships. He has a profound wisdom and understanding in this arena that I drank in”

“Jay’s passion for intimate relationship with his Father was only equaled by his passion for others to have that same relationship”

“My theology has been shaped permanently by his insights…”

“Jay was a gift of God to the body of Christ, often undervalued and unrecognized as such by the body he served, but that is part and parcel of a prophetic calling. Goes with the territory as the saying goes.”

“How could anyone forget that voice?  Not only when he spoke, because his words were certainly profound, but also when he sang, especially when he sang!  His voice could carry you to a different dimension….”

“Jay seemed to be unique on many levels, one of which was having ‘magnifying eyes’ to look at an illustrative word picture like the Body of Christ, or a Building, or a Marriage, and see into them their intimate connectedness, and make that passionate embrace the goal of it all.”

“… saturated through and through with God’s Word and he sought to not only live it and speak it, but to be just as saturated with God’s love.”

“I remember most of all his love for the Lord. I don’t think you could talk to him for more then five minutes without the conversation going to the Bible or something the Lord was teaching him. He didn’t just talk the talk. He lived it. You could see it in everything he did.”

“…a passion for the deeper truths of God with an eye toward their implementation”.

“My favorite memory of Jay is when we all jumped into the car to take an early morning trip and his first words to everyone was, ” Okay, what deep subject can we get into? ”  His wife, knowing her husband so well, wasn’t the least bit surprised by his suggestion!”

”Jay’s writings have helped me grow into the knowledge that organized religion was not the prescription I was neglecting, but a deep and personal relationship with the Lord outside of this…”

“A courageous seer! Jay spoke unpopular truths into a world that prefers its own.”

“It is my conviction that Jay was a true prophet of God…”

“Once Jay told me of some rapturous encounters with the Lord.  Those moments blew me away.  I don’t know why I was so surprised because Jay’s communion with the Lord was so rich and deep”

“Upon meeting Jay it was evident he clearly had a brilliant mind, but I was even more impressed by his wonderful passion.  I got the sense that the reality of eternity had long since eclipsed the sheen of this world for him”

“…he loved deeply, and loved greatly, and radiated the love of Jesus.“

“Papa was always there to give me hugs, kisses and caresses aplenty. I loved the way he’d tell me; “I love you so much”

“I remember Jay for his overflowing, expressive, and sensitive love for all, as well as his great desire that we become one in our Lord with no labels and division”

““One of the many wonderful messages that I heard Jay bring among the saints was when he, under God’s anointing, would often be moved to speak on Love.  Inspiring!  Inspiring!”

“I will always remember how he never made me feel “other”… but just loved.  I will always remember his passion and love for the Lord.  I will always remember him as one of the last few voices of truth”


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13 Responses to The Jay Ferris Memorial Page

  1. Doug Burns says:

    What a great Christian Jay was, and is. He loved and was loved in the image of our Lord. He spoke truth with passion and compassion. A true good and faithful servant.

  2. Jack Walter says:

    Jan and I didn’t get very much time to get to know Jay, but the little time we had together was a real blessing for us. What a powerful man of God along with his lovely wife, Carleen.

  3. Ana says:

    Twenty years ago this summer our lives changed forever… we met Jay and his family! What a blessing indeed. Not sure what adventures we would encounter in this small community of Golden Valley we charged into the unknown(from Florida). Our faithful heavenly father knew how desperate I would need a kindred spirit and quickly within 2 weeks arranged for the encounter. Working in Jay fashion (Birkenstocks and swim trunks) unloading the moving trunk was Jay and his son Timmy. “Come on over to the cabin and meet the family,” were Jay’s first words to me. For the next 20 years the Highley’s were there…for bible study, laughs, cries, celebrations,meals, dancing,playing,cooking J &T’s,coffee, all hours of the day to share in whatever revelation God had shared with one of us. “Being in Life together” is what Jay called it. Life will never be the same…and that’s ok. “These are the seasons in Life”… my buddy Carleen(his wife) is teaching me. Enjoying the moments with those relationships our Father has blessed us with is what Jay was all about… AND he did enjoy the moments.

    One of my favorite versus is from Jeremiah 31:3 :”The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.”
    Twenty years ago Jay and Carleen drew us with unfailing kindness and love.
    May we live out that legacy with others.
    Living and Loving,
    Ana Highley

  4. Tim Price says:

    I wished I could have spent more time with Jay. He was an unrecognized giant in the who’s who of our world. But I am thankful for being another “unknown” that had contact with him. He was inspiring and encouraging in ways that are hard to articulate in words. I think that was what was so amazing about him… He’s one person I will remember in continual fondness.

  5. Kyle & Gail Knapp says:

    Jay blessed us so much – we will miss him dearly…

  6. Michelle Dravis says:

    I loved hearing him sing Frank Sinatra ! Jay raised the bar on generosity, kindness, wisdom, and passion. I never met anyone like him , well….. except for Tim

  7. Jay and Carleen are the Real Deal! I will forever thank the Lord for Jay and his teachings on how money replaced love as the medium of exchange in the Modern Church. A man ahead of the times!

  8. I got to spend time with Jay only briefly during a couple of Home Church Conferences. I found his unique way of sorting things out refreshing. It’s great to read the heart felt appreciation so many have for Jay… it’s a blessing to hear of a brother with a good report.

  9. Pamela Spock says:

    I’ve found these reports to be such a blessing too! Jay was such a humble man about calling himself anything. But we can get away with it for him :-) “Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips.”! Pro 27:2

  10. My wife and I lived on the opposite end of the United States from Jay half of the year, in the state of Oregon, and the other half of the year half way around the world, where we live in Uganda. But, once a year our common love for Don and Barbara Atkin put us next to each other. Most people knew Jay better and deeper than we did. But, it was his love for us that connected our hearts to one another. I will never be able to express the extent of the gratitude I have for the love that Jay lavished on my 18 year old granddaughter, Robyn, in Charlotte last October. Can’t wait to rub shoulders with Jay again when I reach home.

  11. The first time I ever heard the name of Jay Ferris was when Kat Huff posted a tribute to his life along with the video interview (Rediscovering the Kingdom of God) in a FB group right after he passed from this realm of time into eternity. During that video he put into words what had been lingering in my heart for years.

    I’ve been blessed by reading all the comments and look forward to reading through several books Jay authored that I was able to purchase through Amazon. What a treasure it must have been to break bread with our dear brother in Christ. I’m one of many who will only know him this side of heaven through the words he left behind.

  12. I’m scheduled to preach on Sunday, next. Invigorating my heart is the universe God calls “Love.” I never will forget Jay instructing me, “The Coin of the Realm of the Kingdom of God, is love.” That singular statement is deep as the Marianas Trench. Jay knew and experienced that love as few can testify. Five years since he entered the fullness of the Kingdom of Love, Jay is impacting who I am and what I will say to hungry and love-starved souls.

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