Compatibility With God

The problem with being a created child is that created children are incompatible with God. God is hoping for begotten children. This, it seems to me, is a big area of misunderstanding. It shouldn’t require a power point presentation to explain the difference between an adopted child, and a begotten one, (even a chimpanzee can be adopted). Yet these two are seen to be the same thing by most believers.

Here is how I have come to understand the difference as used in the New Testament record. Adoption has to do with a legal transaction. You just can’t go down the street walking off with other people’s children. That is illegal. The fact is, according to “the Law,” in our flesh, we are/were so incompatible with God, it would have been illegal for Him to adopt us. At the cross, God took care of the legalities, (Ephesians 2, and Colossians 2) making it possible to adopt us. Having done so, He poured the Spirit of His only begotten Son into our hearts so that we too would be begotten children, children compatible with the fellowship of  The “Godhead,” Galatians 4:1-7

What we need to get is the magnitude of our inheritance in Christ. It is enormous – wholly other!

Yes, I’m going someplace with all of this. I’m heading for the oneness that Jesus prayed and died for, John 17:21.

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5 Responses to Compatibility With God

  1. Walter says:

    Being Jewish I understand the oneness with GOD!

  2. Did I mention that it will get you killed? :-)

    Not to worry, the oneness that God is really hoping for is on the resurrection side. :-)

    Bless You!


  3. Bill says:

    Out of the mouth of babes: A good friend of mine related some comments of his adopted son from the Philippines during a Sunday School class. The leader of the class asked the benefits of adoption to this adopted son with the hopes of expanding to our adoption as the Children of God. He said, “First, you get your Dad’s name, and you also get his stuff!”

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