baby born in hand smallerI am presently having some difficulties with my desk top computer, so am writing this on an iTouch, (small keyboard – big fingers :-/). This just to say that this will have to be very brief.

In light of what I have just posted where aiming at the truth is concerned – the need to read the Scriptures with both eyes open, the need for both front and rear sites, and allowing for the windage of The Spirit, I need to say a word or two about “family” or “families.” It is written God “… puts the solitary in families.” (see Mark 10:29, 30)  It really should not require rocket science to point out that a “family” is not the same thing as a “brotherhood.” It does not say God puts the solitary in brotherhoods. There is a significant difference between a brotherhood and a family. Two very important differences have to do with reproduction and nurture.

Under the present circumstances that is all I want to say about this for the moment, but in the days of this writing, this has become for me a critically important truth, where relationships that come from God are concerned.

Please think on these things!

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