When Words Go Out of Business ~ Audio Gem 1

rsz_cd-gemThe following clip by Jay Ferris is from a conference Q&A, and is only about a minute long.  There are approximately 10 that will be released weekly.  You may listen to the audio here, or on your computer by right-clicking and downloading it.  Enjoy!


Written Version

One of the things that I think we struggle with is the need to use words.  When people are one, they don’t need words.  Our words are so fallen because of our past experience with the words that we and they have used.  So it’s the grace of God if a word gets from one heart to another, and in anything like the form it was designed for.  Isn’t it wonderful that one day we’ll get to a place where no words will be necessary? We’ll just know as we’re known.  –It’s kind of an oxymoron for me to even say anything about this because I’m using words.  But I’m continuing to hear words that have been problematic in the past, and I think they contain the seeds of infection or a contamination as we move into the future.  Like “building things”.  We’re still thinking in this, “wise master builder”.  I think that we need to step back from this because there’s too much presumption as we move forward. There’s some more validity than there really was in all the understandings that we’ve had in the past.  There’s a big difference between fathers and instructors.  “Building” is not part of it.  It’s blood.  It’s better blood.  And it’s based on better promises and it’s a new creation.   Not like the old one where it’s a matter of human decision or a husband’s will.  No, what goes on in the kingdom of God or in the new creation is of God. And so we should be very careful about talking about “building relationships”. It turns out too often it’s just, “Let’s make a deal.”. It’s just more merchandising of ourselves and of people. Something that hit me some years ago was… when a prostitute falls in love she’s out of business.


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3 Responses to When Words Go Out of Business ~ Audio Gem 1

  1. jimpuntney says:

    In the pure heart to heart communication words or the lack there of come through clearly and cleanly, this is from Spirit to Spirit

  2. millie spock says:

    There is so much I’m learning about the communication of words with others , One thing I’m starting to see more clearly is, “words become less important when we love with a passionate heart our Lord and others as He has loved us. This kind of love can even transend words .As Jim said so well , It is ” Spirit to Spirit ! ” Our beloved Jay also loved this way and I can hear it in His words as well as being blessed by seeing it in the life He lived.

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