Producing Children that War Against God’s Intent (Audio Gem #4)

The following clip by Jay Ferris is from a conference Q&A, and is only 5 minutes long.   Press the play button to listen to the audio, and follow along with the written transcript.


Written Transcript

I’m going to try to be brief but I didn’t want to take even as much as five minutes to presume on the very precious time that’s here.  As I came down this morning I thought, you know, holy ground can oftentimes be holy time, and I felt this was holy time and I wanted to be very careful to be a good steward of the preciousness of it.  But there were several things, especially in the wake of a really blessed spirit and time that we had last night.  It was really a high point that was wonderful, where it seemed like every tension that had been in the room from time to time in our conversations had gone, and it was just the favor of the Lord. You could feel the Lord’s pleasure.  This morning the sky kind of opened and I’ve often had to say to God, “You’re supposed to be moderate.  And You pour out this stuff and it’s more than I can handle!”  So I made a couple of notes, fearful that I wouldn’t be able to keep them in mind.

There were three things that struck me, and the first one came to me as, ‘This is where it all goes wrong.’   For we’ve seen time and time again when we’ve been on mountaintop situations and we’ve had wonderful revelations that are part of an ongoing reformation that has taken us from wrong ways into another path.   What I was mindful of was what happened with the “Shepherding” phenomenon.  I don’t want to say anything negative about that without first expressing my appreciation for those men, four in the first instance and then five with the addition of Ern Baxter later.  I was never in the Shepherding Movement but I was certainly touched by it. The closeness that existed between those men to begin with was a testimony that was glorious. I felt like the Lord was wanting to restore relational integrity to the Body of Christ and that was the real heart of the message, that they were as a sign for us.  But very quickly that message got twisted to, “This is what God did for us and you ought to go out and do the same thing.”

Once we start doing it, it becomes shakeable, and it produces children of the slave woman that wind up making war on the children of the free woman. So, we need to be very careful to guard our hearts from doing something or misrepresenting what God has done in the first instance and what God must continue to do.  I just wanted to say that, and express my appreciation for Charles Simpson, Bob Mumford, Don Basham, Derek Prince, and Ern Baxter. They paid a high price to teach us something to be very careful about.

The other thing that I felt I needed to say was, I wanted to step into my heretical garb once again and say that in Christ there’s neither male nor female. If it’s in Christ, it’s in effect gender neutral.  And that there is evidence of spiritual mothers in the Scripture. If there has been a dearth of spiritual fathers there’s also been a dearth of spiritual mothers. So I want to encourage the gals that are here.

I’m reminded of what the response was of the believers that Paul ran into that said, “Well we haven’t even so much as heard there be a Holy Spirit.”  Well, there ‘be’ such a thing as a spiritual mother, as well as spiritual fathers.  There’s a lot of people running around with orphan spirits, gender neutral, who need mothering as much as fathering.  These things are equally important, and without that balance then we’re out of balance.

Then the other thing was the faith of Abraham that had already been talked about; the difference between an Ishmael and an Isaac. God makes the promise and He keeps His promises, and when we mess with them that’s when the children of the slave women are produced. If we start messing with the promises of God, helping Him out, we will wind up producing children of the slave woman.  And they’ll make war against what God’s intention is.  So we need to be very careful of that and I think those of us who are getting older and whose minds are beginning to fail are really identifying with Abraham’s desperate need at the end. Not for any other blessing except a place to put what he already had.  So what I need is an heir, and all I got is a servant.  So God said, I’m going to give you an heir. And Abraham believed God. And by the time he got done…he just had one.  But he saw in that one the stars in the sky.

You don’t have to have a whole lot of Isaacs because one of them can be the stars in the sky.  And I say that for the women who are here as much as for the men.

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4 Responses to Producing Children that War Against God’s Intent (Audio Gem #4)

  1. oikoskrk says:

    I love how Jay was all inclusive in his sharing. Far too many do not include women when speaking of gifting in The Body.

  2. margeport says:

    Dear Pam, Carleen, and Family,

    MANY THANKS for all the work you do in forwarding Jay’s “Loving Like God” comments. I remember my ‘one-time’ visit to the Ferris beautifully restored cabin in N. C. about 3 years ago–and the TREMENDOUS “personal hospitality” which I received. As a matter of fact, I still have a beautiful photo album of the two of them, plus Jon & Dottie Zens, from all kinds of angles in the various sections of that gorgeous cabin.

    Also, Jay was SO GENEROUS to give me several copies of the books he had written, which are *valuable treasures* of mine.

    I’ve been living by myself in a tiny town in N.W. Pennsylvania for 3-1/2 years now, and most of my time has been spent in fixing up this ancient house–including cellar and clay-soil lo)t–plus keeping in touch via email with many “long term” & “new” friends. … [Also, keeping abreast of the writings and recordings of Graham Cooke, my *NO. 1 MENTOR for many years now.*]

    My personal journeys have taken me to Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, plus many U.S. residences….so it’s a *challenge* to keep up with the friends I value so much.

    In conclusion:

    *I wish each of you…”a* *TRANSFORMING & PEACEFUL HOLIDAY and LIFE AHEAD!!”*

    *FOREVER BLESSINGS,* *Marge Porterfield*

  3. jimpuntney says:

    so very much in such a short time span, so very much, thank you for posting

  4. millie spock says:

    WOW ! Jay’s five minutes of standing on Holy Ground is packed with a LIFETIME of truths !!!

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