The Musical Eschaton

What does the musical eschaton look like or sound like?
What does it consist of?
Why do I think I might have just seen and heard it yesterday?
Was it composed only of singers?
Was it only artists?
Was it profound thinkers?
Was it clarity of thought or question?
Did it take you somewhere in order to remove you from somewhere else?
Did it take you apart or put you together?
Did it bring you to some unexplainable place in or out of your self?
Is it a clarity of expression, question, lyric or was it an inescapable melody?
Where are or were we when the morning stars sang together, and the Lord laid the foundation of the earth?
Was it the beginning of the end or must it have been the end of the beginning?

By Jay Ferris ~ Re-post


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3 Responses to The Musical Eschaton

  1. Kat Huff says:


    This is amazing. Thank you!

  2. jimpuntney says:

    this is from my ‘dad’ I’m truly thankful for this ‘voice’

  3. jimpuntney says:

    when Love has His ‘way’ with us, when we are beginning to not only hear His voice, we yearn for His voice, we become stilled, and listen for His voice. His ‘Love Song’ becomes the music we dance to with Him, and with one another, and we join in His ‘Love Story’ the never ending and all encompassing dance of eternal Love.

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