The Song, The ‘Ultimate Gospel’ by Jay Ferris

Before Jay Ferris passed he was in a conversation in the Song of Solomon.  While he has covered various portions and concepts throughout the book, as far as a more exegetical study, he essentially covered only the first few verses before going home to be with the Lord. The following is a precious introduction to the book!

Guess I will get things jump started here!

Song of Songs – the Song that never fades is all about Jesus and us.  We are not only a heavenly place for each other, we are a heavenly place for Him as well.

While it can be understood in both the Spirit and the flesh, for us the most important thing is to understand it in the Spirit.

However, in doing so, we should not miss the implicit, even explicit approval of the physical passion that is available in the flesh, and that without condemnation if kept in its proper place.  Song of Song’s gives us a wonderful picture of what is perfectly appropriate in the flesh between married lovers.

The Song certainly invites us to gaze on such possibilities in the flesh in order not to miss the Spiritual reality that is found only in Christ.  It is this reality in Him that we need to appreciate, live, and move, and have out beings in in the Spirit.  This is about our inheritance as lovers of each other, beginning with Him.

Perhaps with that as a permissive, and encouraging introduction, we can get started here.  I look forward to joining you in a discussion of Songs of Songs – the ultimate Gospel.

At the Conference this past week there were may there who were still hung up on sin.  They hadn’t gotten beyond the gospel of the removal of our sins, but what it’s really all about is the intimacy in us, and with us that Jesus prayed and died for.


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  1. Great start. Thanks for sharing Jay’s wisdom.

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