The End of Music?

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What does the musical eschaton look like or sound like?
What does it consist of?
Why do I think I might have just seen and heard it yesterday?
Was it composed only of singers?
Was it only artists?
Was it profound thinkers?
Was it clarity of thought or question?
Did it take you somewhere in order to remove you from somewhere else?
Did it take you apart or put you together?
Did it bring you to some unexplainable place in or out of your self?
Is it a clarity of expression, question, lyric or was it an inescapable melody?
Where are or were we when the morning stars sang together, and the Lord laid the foundation of the earth?
Was it the beginning of the end or must it have been the end of the beginning?

The most amazing inquisitors, thinkers, artists and pioneers seem to have come together to explore the subject at the end of 2012 having fallen into some kind of Divine melting pot of inquiry. All I know is that yesterday when I first became aware of it it struck me as a musical inquisition which may never again be assembled in the future of musical history.

You just have to have been there. The interplay of artists, thinkers, moments, honors, and songs are heart stopping beyond belief. We may never see this again in such profundity, and revelatory brilliance – not for or a thousand years to come!


A review of: Tony Bennett: The Music Never Ends (Two-Disc Special Edition) (DVD)
by James Jay Ferris, on Amazon reviews

For more reading on the subject, see also “How Little We Know

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2 Responses to The End of Music?

  1. Maidena says:

    I’ve wondered in the past, how can anyone understand the love of God and His love for us, who has never been in love before? Thanks for a good word…wish I had been there!

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