Things That Can’t Be Told

Things That Can't Be Told
There are several places in the Bible that speak of things that can’t be told.

Perhaps the most notable is at the last Supper when Jesus informed His disciples that He had more to say to them, but that they were not yet ready to receive it.

Another example is Mary, when receiving the revelation that she was to be the mother of Jesus. This too was something that could not be told, at least not until there was the confirmation of another witness.

Somewhat later Paul informs the carnal Christians at Corinth that he does speak a word among the mature, but that he could not yet address them as mature.

Still later Paul speaks of having surpassing revelations, “things that a man is not permitted to tell.”

The writer of Hebrews has much to share with them, but can’t do so due to their dullness of hearing at a time when they should already have been teachers.

We could also note that Daniel was told to seal up a scroll which would have to wait until an appointed time in the distant future.

For most of human history the greatest truth remained a mystery, “Christ in You the hope of Glory” to be revealed only in Paul’s time.

While Paul just came right out with it, we are still left to wonder what can this revelation possibly mean. So why the delay in our ability to “Get it”?

People are not ready for the truth. This can be true because of the carnality of the hearers. It can also be the result of the times. There are times before which we just are not capable of comprehending the revelation. In any case, time is an important factor.  It may be that a second witness is required to confirm the revelation, and this too is time related.

Perhaps it might help if we reduce and simplify. Assume with me for a moment that all of this that can’t be told is the same revelation. Suppose this revelation was so big it was beyond our comprehension. Suppose this is also a revelation whose time has come or is rapidly coming upon us. Suppose that this revelation has to do with the priority of God, and not our own priorities. Suppose this has to do with the intimacy of the Godhead from the time the world began. Suppose this is not about generic relationships, but about very specific relationships and purposes in God having their origins in and by Him. These are relationships so full of the passion and purposes of Christ, and not some kind of human decisions, born out of religious merchandising by those who are like children sitting in the market place touting their agendas, and clouding the wisdom that is known of her children.

There are signs of late that just such a perversion and misuse is now beginning to descend onto and into the loneliness of God’s people, especially the young people. This brought to us by religious merchandisers, half baked, and bound to cause greater relational disasters than have already plagued the church for generations in the flesh.

Relationships in Christ are not generic, they are born of Him for His purposes, and not as mere religious toys. Beware of the half baked peddlers that are beginning to come on the scene. I hope to spend a little more time here in the days immediately ahead.


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12 Responses to Things That Can’t Be Told

  1. Lyn McSweeney says:

    Thank you ..Love and blessings to you!

  2. George Dunn says:

    For such a time as this! Indeed, redeeming the time for the days are evil. I rejoice in the providence of God and give thanks for the relationship which he has given us. i look forward to what the Lord may reveal through you and to being with you soon. You are a gift to me my dear brother.

  3. Kat Huff says:

    Tis’ time, my friend.

  4. Great post brother. I appreciate you very much!

  5. Deborah Ford says:

    I too look forward to what the Spirit reveals in and through you. I have studied the bible almost all my life. Today He reveals, the great mystery, Christ in me. It is in His perfect timing. But you my brother were set forth for such a time as this. Blessings.

  6. Brian Harrison says:

    Many attempt to mimic what can only accessed through the New Covenant. The New Covenant is more about what has been done in us than what we have done. There is a crisis of many desperately seeking legitimacy by any means other than vulnerability before a loving but holy God. Radical love is the scariest thing in the world to those who are ruled by fear. Keep pressing the envelope, brother. I so appreciate you. The veil is thin indeed
    where you live.

  7. Oh yes. Really good. ‘There is a time for everything under the sun’… comes to mind…

    Sometimes I think that those who are joined in Christ in spirit and ‘know’ each other in Him hardly need to say a word – we need only to behold each other. Words are sometimes so loud – they drown out the really important stuff. In this world, all that peripheral stuff – our words, our productions, our mortality, geographical distance, time, really get in the way, don’t you think? I suppose those are the whet-stones which polish us.

    So good to read your words again, Jay. Bless you.

  8. Maidena says:

    I was delighted to see a ‘Loving Like God’ post in my email account this morning! I pray this is a sign that you on the upside of this battle that been raging in your body for awhile. As always, you touch on deep revelation that I’ve been examining. The mystery of life, I’ve discovered, is in the process of embracing the tribulations, allowing ourselves to be transformed into Christ’s image. It is, indeed, Christ in us, the hope of glory. That transformation process involves a day to day crucifiction of our flesh, which can be very bloody (symbolically). But, when we embrace the trials, being honest enough to see what’s in us, that God wants to deliver us from, and surrender to the process, we come out like gold, filled with the light of God. It is about relationship with Father. Oh, for the freedom to have that in the Body of Christ!

    So glad you’re back!! Blessings to you and yours!

  9. Thanks, Jay. Good to see you writing again. Go for it, my brother. Intimacy was mentioned in one of the comments above… always intimacy with our Lord. God made us in His image, “male and female made he them.” Oh what a mystery! Paul speaks of it in Ephesians ch. five, the intimacy of a man and wife in relation to Christ and His ekklesia, His very bride. “Yet, I speak about Christ and the church.” She is not a prostitute that must be pried with money and gifts (“What is God doing for me?”) before she opens up to Him, but rather a woman that is all about HIM. His bride comes alive at His touch. Her every waking thought is all about Him each morning. She longs to be filled in every way by Him. She comes alive at the very sight of Him.
    God is not a prude. Churchmen in their misogynistic ways have made Him out to be. They have even tampered with the Bible to make it say such things. Jesus was no misogynist. Look how He allowed Mary to love on Him! She poured all she had out on Him; the tears, the kisses, the most costly thing she had, that vile of perfume. When the disciples saw this they were indignant at such extravagant love for Him. “Why this waste!” they cried. Simon the Pharisee despised not only Mary, but Jesus for letting her even touch Him. Jesus’ response? “Leave her alone. She has done a great work on me… what she has done this day will be mentioned wherever the gospel is preached.” The message of the true gospel is not only salvation, but extravagant love. “We love Him because He first loved us.”
    It was Mary the risen Lord appeared to first, then the disciples. “Mary!” “Raboni!” What a joyful reunion… two hearts knit together in the love of God. “Those who are forgiven much love much.” Oh, that we who call ourselves “Christ-ones” would see what great sinners we are and how far short we have fallen (the meaning of “sin”) of the fullness of God’s heart and desire for a bride that loves Him the way He loves us.
    Good to have you back, my brother! Looking forward to your future posts.

    • Kat Huff says:

      Michael, your words are a delight to my heart and your words have touched the heart of Love’s expression. Mary gave all of herself, all that she had she gave without a care of what others thought. It was love’s tears that washed the feet of Jesus, the one whom the baptizer said he was not worthy to touch his sandal straps. She knew what the others thought of her, but she loved him so much that nothing else mattered, she was totally wasted already. Holy kisses upon his feet, the feet of the one who gave her Love’s freedom, this is thankfulness. She dried his feet with her hair, nothing that is human made would do to wipe her tears.She annointed him with the aroma of love, the all that she had, the all that her love could do. The fragrance of her love remained with him through all the torture he endured, even to death, he breathed in her love.

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