The Kingdom of God is Not a Do It Yourself Project

The Kingdom of God is Not A Dot It Yourself Project

The article that follows called, “Trust and Obey” was written in 1989, but circumstances of late have made clear that we must touch this matter of trusting flesh once again.  Do not trust the flesh. Trust God and Jesus. That’s all. 


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3 Responses to The Kingdom of God is Not a Do It Yourself Project

  1. Maidena says:

    Always enjoy reading your stuff, Jay. Thanks for sharing from back in ’89 on trust. My hope and trust is only in Him. I have learned to mirror image Christ with “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” People cannot be who they are not. God counts on us being a disappointment to one another, else, why would we run to Him for comfort? He gives us to each other to build our characters…to make us more like Him, as we run to Him in our pain of disappointment, and become familiar with His face. After much time, we mirror His image and begin seeing each other through His eyes…hopefully perfect His love…and walk in forgiveness….then we’ll be look like good fruit, full of love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, faithfulness, kindness, gentleness and self-control. I’m just finishing a painting of the Tree of Life, in which are hidden these words among the fruit. You have to really look for them. Actually, I just got through right before I sat here to read this blog. Thanks for confirmation of the things important to God. Praying for your youth to be renewed as the eagle!


  2. This may be a long response. However when God give three very quick confirmations, you need to take notice. The one that stands out was this. As I was trying to clean up my handicapped sons room, I perceived he was trying to bite me (severe autistic children do this). As a result of trying to get away I knocked down a $300.00 TV and broke it. My wife said “honey, he was trying to hug you”.. Dealing with perception of how the the truth is received, is often preparation for the truth being received. I flinch because my perception was getting bitten, not hugged.You see once we have been damaged by someone or something, we often respond out of a wrong perception.

    I have often found that there is a huge difference between entrusting yourself to someone and bearing long with them. I entrust myself to only a few, however I am bearing with many. I deal with many Pastors and leaders that would more or less fit the “do it yourself” or program mentalities. Because of this at times those coming out of this have labeled me as being “one of them” having little real discernment as to my real relationship with some of “them”. Although I see many things very different from them, I try to discern if they are ignorantly struggling, or rebelliously building another kingdom.One requires long suffering and much wisdom. The other a wisdom to call those entrapped out while as you put it “loving like God”.

    You see I was one of “them”. I know the struggle these leaders face inside. Although the struggle in many areas has become my freedom and victory, the work is ongoing.. Many of these men love the Lord and struggle. I have found it is much easier to sit back telling them what we see wrong, then to realize the struggle they face being patient when they fail our expectations. One thing I am continually learning is that true love bears all things, is long suffering, patient, and sees beyond the present condition.of things with a hope of change. I have had some success with many of these leaders, while seeming to have none with others. The responsibility for results belong to the Father, obedience belongs to me. .

    One area is that many are turning to Gods heart for fathering relations, and that is good. Out of the many some unfortunately turn a heartbeat to what they know, “a program”, and that is bad. I am not at all in agreement with this method, and hate religion. I hate seeing relationships built by man rather than as you say it “built by God”. However if I take a sword to them, my relationship to them becomes one of them raising a wall every time they see me. There is always the caution to pick a battle carefully and prayerfully. The heartbeat of God is redemption if at all possible.I never want to look back in life and see a trail of broken relationships that God never intended to end that way.

    I used to be the stab em slab em type guy.I every day now see my need for love and wisdom. The love for those in a “system” most of the bride in this nation is sadly involved in. The wisdom to impart reformation. Also a love and wisdom for the remnant coming out of that system, yet not often healed and angry from the damage caused by it. Both often have often bitter misguided misconceptions of the other. I pray for myself and others to be strong enough each day to stay pure when dealing with these issues in the love of God. .

    • Maidena says:

      Thank you, pastor, for being so transparent. I can understand where you are as I have come out from ‘them’ myself. Isn’t God so awesome as to use ‘them’ to perfect our love walk?

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