3 New Videos Added on Rediscovering the Kingdom

You will not want to miss these 3 powerful videos on “Rediscovering the Kingdom”. CLICK VIDEO on the Menu Bar to get started!

Tim Price interview Jays Ferris at the 2010 Searching Together Conference about the Kingdom of God.

Tim says; Jay has a unique understanding of it. I tried to contrast various view of the KOG with what others have found to be true. Jay, in his typical form, paints a picture and helps you get a glimpse of the often misrepresented subject.

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

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7 Responses to 3 New Videos Added on Rediscovering the Kingdom

  1. Awesome explanation of a deep subject in a way that all can understand!

  2. Thank You Jose’ for so many things!


  3. twotrees928 says:


  4. Ron Blasius says:

    These videos spoke to my heart – Jay articulates what really is the Kingdom of God withholding no punches.
    Ron B.

  5. Bob Goyer says:

    The videos confirmed what the Holy Spirit has been teaching me. Thank you. Bob G.

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