The Zeal of God: Part 2 – NEW RELEASE

Continuing this on restoration zeal, we don’t need to tear anything down. We are too late for that. Jesus tore every barrier down about 2,000 years ago; now all we need do is plunge boldly through it all.

It’s a view from the foot of the Cross that gives all the zeal we need. Jesus not only rent in his own flesh the old covenant veil of pre-existing external regulation, thus making possible real intimacy with God, but every such veil, past, present and future. We don’t have to tear anything down. He tore it all down on the cross! Institutional Christianity has already been torn down at the cross. All we need do is walk through the rent curtain with the life that He put in its place.

There is a zeal in the heart of God. It is a zeal for us to enter into and share His passion. What does that passion look like? For us who believe, or claim to believe, it looks like Jesus on the cross. This is how we know what love is, Jesus Christ laid down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for each other.” God redefined “agape” on the cross. Until then, it was a love only good for friends. After that, it was love good for enemies.¹ 

By Jay Ferris
NEW RELEASE: Part 2 of a “Letter to a Zealot”

¹ Romans 5:10


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