NEW RELEASE: Misguided Zeal

Dear blog readers,
I’m excited to share that in the coming weeks we will be digging out some new writings of Jay Ferris, not previously published here on the website. Some will be short clips taken from longer writings or emails: such as the following written to a young man whose zeal to “make a difference” prompted Jay to give some loving advice.

Dear _____,

In thinking about the zeal expressed here today, it came to me that: repentance isn’t a prayer. It’s not even something to do. Repentance is mostly a place to live.

All of this is because we have one small problem: we just can’t do it. Jesus said He would build His Church. Human efforts are doomed to be humiliating, and divisive.

What is needed is that we repent from our doing, so that we start seeing. It’s the same with talking: It’s hard to hear when we’re talking.

As for “our” love, we have to repent of a love that is only good for friends, and begin to understand and appreciate a love that is good for enemies. It’s not available down here. Down here, there is no greater love than that which, on its best day, is only good for friends. The new kind of love, God’s love, is only available at the cross. We think we can get there on our own, but actually it’s our friends that have to take us their. This is why we avoid relationships, and prefer religion. Relationships will get us killed. That’s why we avoid them, and yet critically need them at the same time.


Jay Ferris

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3 Responses to NEW RELEASE: Misguided Zeal

  1. Edward A Renaud says:

    Amen, sure sounds like the Jay I knew.

    • Pamela says:

      Hi Edward, he was a prolific communicator as you probably know, and it’s going to be great to start seeing more of these snippets coming out in the days ahead. :-) Blessings!

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