In Honor of Jay Ferris

Jay Ferris
For those subscribed to Jay’s blog who may not know… This weekend people from all over the nation will gather together, along with those afar but present in spirit, to join our hearts in thanksgiving for the gift that God gave us in Jay Ferris who passed on June 13th, 2013.

Jay was a loving husband, father, and a ‘father in the faith’ who invested his life in relationships, and someone who made a profound impact on countless lives, both as a generous conduit of Love, as well an anointed prophetic voice for God’s heart and Kingdom in these last days.  Thank you to everyone who has offered support, prayer, and words of encouragement to Jay’s family.  Likewise the testimonials that have been flooding in are truly inspiring and will soon be posted to a Memorial section on this blog, which will continue to speak for the Lord in reposts and unpublished writings.  Jay is sorely missed.  How comforting it is to look forward to seeing and embracing him again in the resurrection!

May the comfort and revelation of Christ’s passion for you, which was so foundational to Jay’s life and ministry, be yours today.

~In Love!

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6 Responses to In Honor of Jay Ferris

  1. brywieb says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this time of commemorating the life of such a precious son of our Father!

  2. jimpuntney says:

    when the alabaster jar is broken, the ‘fragrance’ fills the home, Jay’s beautifully broken life in the hands of Jesus Christ is a two fold testimony. one to Jay and His loving response to the Lover of His soul, and the expression of this Lover. in both cases this is love, and Love loves to Love.

    someday soon we will all rejoice together, and what a day this will be.

  3. Pamela says:

    Jim, you have been a blessing to Jay. Of what you said I am reminded of what Jamal Jivanjee said recently, “The part of you that is able to freely, passionately, and fearlessly express love to others is the part of you that is broken.”.

    How to get to that point I do not know the answer to, but I wonder sometimes if we are even aware when we are broken because in the process it destroys Self-awareness.

    Jay was to all of us who knew him very Christ-aware, and for this I am forever grateful for having known him. Much love…

    • jimpuntney says:

      Pam, the wisdom in your words resonate :

      “How to get to that point I do not know the answer to, but I wonder sometimes if we are even aware when we are broken because in the process it destroys Self-awareness.”

      just as we cannot save ourselves, we cannot break ourselves, this is a Divine act of love, ‘in’ His hands He skilfully, precisely, and lovingly breaks us, not for harm but for His ‘Ultimate Intention’.

      you are a dear saint, and trust me the fragrance fills the room.

      your brother ‘in’ Love

  4. Lyn McSweeney says:

    I am very sorry to hear of your loss…Love and blessings!

  5. Butch Renaud says:

    Jay was a very unique brother in Christ. I am better for having met Jay and Carlene. The overwhelming thought I have in remembering Jay is his passion for intimate relationship with his Father was only equaled by his passion for others to have that same relationship. Jay was an earthly father with the concerns and intentions that displayed our heavenly Father. May we all carry with us the Jay qualities of fathering and leave a legacy of family.

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