The Importance of Attachment

The Importance of Attachment
While this has been a matter of vital interest to me for many years now, I want to thank Ken Talbot, who recently brought a book to my attention – the title, Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers. The co-authors are Neufeld and Maté. This book is the best thing I have seen on how life works in the old creation.

Hold On To Your Kids looks at relational “attachment” as a requirement for successful parenting or, more Biblically, parenthood. Perhaps if we could only get “attachment” right, we might be able to get along a little better as adults. The point that this book makes is that if the children don’t attach, to the parents or if the children break attachment to the parents, parenthood is over even if childhood is not. A parent may be attached to their child, but unless the child is attached to the parent, the child will not receive any thing the parent may have to down load into the child. Today, children are breaking attachment to their parents early on, and attaching to their peers, hand held devices, media personalities, including talking heads. This signals the end of the culture.


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2 Responses to The Importance of Attachment

  1. George Dunn says:

    We are very attached to the two of you!

    George & Nancy

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