The Old Creation Witness – The Dark side

Romans 1:20, 21

I need to begin this post by filling you in on the latest research findings that seem to be consistent with what I had already begun to see, and that is the analogy between cancer, and what continues to call itself “church.”  The following two paragraphs are excerpted from some of our latest research findings:  (Again, I am not intending to impugn what God calls church here, only what is calling itself “church.”  Christ made Himself of no reputation.  We on the other hand call ourselves things in order to have a reputation.  That is anti-christ.  That is what they were doing in Corinth (1 Corinthians 1:12, 13).  That is why their meeting did more harm than good (1 Corinthians 11:17, 18).

“Researchers have found that mice with breast cancer treated with Avastin and Sutent, (both of which work by stopping the growth and formation of blood vessels, a process called angiogenesis) found that tumors treated with these drugs developed more cancer stem cells, the cells that fuel a cancer’s growth and spread, and that often are resistant to standard treatment.  Both the number of cancer stem cells and the percentage of cancer stem cells that make up the tumor increased after being treated with each of these therapies.”

“The researchers found that the cancer stem cells increased because of a cellular response to low oxygen, a condition called hypoxia.  And they were able to determine the specific pathways involved in hypoxia that activate the cancer stem cells.

Results of the study appear online in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Early Edition.”

Having laid those chips on the table…

America, even the western world, and increasingly the whole world is eating itself to death and bankruptcy.  Sad to say this is very profitable for the conventional medical community, (the big pharmaceuticals) as well as the quack alternative promoters.  It is very costly for the population as a whole, whether by Federal budget deficits or straight out of the pocket insurance costs and co-pays.

Increasingly what we are seeing is that our best hope lies in our nutrition, including “The Bread of Life.”

What we are up against is the medicinal version of religion.  Jesus as “The Great Physician” shows up at the temple, (the religious version of the illicit relationship between the big pharmaceutical companies and the FDA).  The religious experts allied with the Roman occupiers, (Pilate and Herod) and they want to kill the one who came that we might have life rather than a bunch of self-promoting medical – religious quackery.

Well that’s the way it looks to us at this point in the battle.  We are very grateful for the therapists we are presently working with, who are honestly seeking after the truth of the matter, so much so that they are willing to put up with all my very confrontational ways.  I should say that they are more open than what I have experienced to date in what has been calling itself “church,” and “church leadership.”

With that as background, here is what we are seeing with increasing clarity:

#1. Cancer once was a normal cell that has undergone a mutation, in fact quite a number of them over what could be a very long time, even years.  Once they arrive at the point where they can be identified as bona fide cancer, they have mutated, in at least three ways.

  • First, they no longer know what their function is, in short, they don’t know what they are doing.
  • Second, they don’t know when to die.  Normal cells have a genetic life expectancy. Not so with cancer.
  • Three, they reproduce at an inordinate rate.  Normal cells are programmed to reproduce at a rate appropriate to their function.  In light of these three, here’s what came in yesterday:


#2. My chemo usually starts with 90 minutes of intravenous Avastin.

Cutting Edge Research Findings

#3. They are only beginning to see that cancer tumors also have stem cells, mutated stem cells that rapidly reproduce the cells that they are in fellowship with in the tumor.

#4. These stem cells are also the key to metastasis.

What’s calling itself “Church”

#5.  Shortly after finding that out about stem cells, stem cells also dropped into the hopper of cancer being a picture of what is calling itself “church” slot.

#6.  So it’s not only mutated cells in, and of the tumor, there are also these other cells in the tumor called “stem cells.”  These are the missionaries/ ”church planters” of the tumors.  They are also mutated, and even without leaving the tumor for foreign fields in other parts of the body, they do everything they can to increase the size of “church” all the way to “mega church.”  Institutional “dog and pony shows” are simply various mutated versions of stem cells.

#7.  I’m still thinking and praying about all of this, and not yet sure just what the religious equivalent of Avastin is, but I know this much – it is a foundational poison of choice among the big pharmaceutical companies, and conventional or systematic medicine, the kind that stands in opposition to the nutritional “Life” that Jesus came to bring. One thing we do know about Avastin, however, and that is it cuts off the blood supply. That just can’t be good, Hebrews, 10:19, 20.

I’m sure that seminaries manufacture the stuff, once the “dog and pony show” people get it down pat.  You know, people like, the Kansas City 7, John Wimber, C. Peter Wagner, and the like.  The Shepherding Movement also was headed in that direction when it broke up as a result of mutations of its own.  Even if we have been in remission, the pressure for the cancer to come back in a new mutated form is always there, that’s why we need to “… guard our hearts with all diligence…” Example:

#8.  What hit me the day after the stem cell revelation, fresh from my then latest blog post, which touched on “… because iniquity abounds the love of most will grow cold…” According to Strong’s, the root of that word is pretty close to mutation,.. WOW!!!  It’s even more of an elaboration of “mutation” then I remembered from past meditation and study!

Elsewhere I have confessed that Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of The Bible with Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries is my number one defense against religious experts – the Big Pharma of religion.

For those of you unfamiliar with how Strong’s works,  it was compiled a long time ago, (1890).  The advantage of that is that it is not as loaded with contemporary religion’s conflicts of interest as was true in the days of the King James translation, not that those translators didn’t have conflict of interests of their own.

It is keyed to the King James Translation and every word and occurrence of a word in the King James Version is tied to a “Strong’s number.  The numbers can then be taken to the appropriate dictionary in the back of Strong’s.  Here we find not only the original word, and its definition, but also references to the numbers associated with the root words from which the word in question is derived.

With that as explanation, here are the critical Strong’s numbers in connection with iniquity:

#458, anomia an-om-ee’-ah from 459; illegality, i.e. violation of law or (genitive case) wickedness:–iniquity, X transgress(-ion of) the law, unrighteousness.

#459, anomos an’-om-os from 1 (as a negative particle) and 3551; lawless, i.e. (negatively) not subject to (the Jewish) law; (by implication, a Gentile), or (positively) wicked:–without law, lawless, transgressor, unlawful, wicked.

#3551, nomos nom’-os from a primary nemo (to parcel out, especially food or grazing to animals); law (through the idea of prescriptive usage), genitive case (regulation), specially, (of Moses (including the volume); also of the Gospel), or figuratively (a principle):–law.

Wicked #4190 poneros pon-ay-ros’ from a derivative of 4192; hurtful, i.e. evil (properly, in effect or influence, and thus differing from 2556, which refers rather to essential character, as well as from 4550, which indicates degeneracy from original virtue); figuratively, calamitous; also (passively) ill, i.e. diseased; but especially (morally) culpable, i.e. derelict, vicious, facinorous; neuter (singular) mischief, malice, or (plural) guilt; masculine (singular) the devil, or (plural) sinners:–bad, evil, grievous, harm, lewd, malicious, wicked(-ness). See also 4191.

#2556 kakos kak-os’ apparently a primary word; worthless (intrinsically, such; whereas 4190 properly refers to effects), i.e. (subjectively) depraved, or (objectively) injurious:–bad, evil, harm, ill, noisome, wicked.

#2550 sapros sap-ros’ from 4595; rotten, i.e. worthless (literally or morally):–bad, corrupt. Compare 4190.

– mind boggling!!!  “Iniquity” is mutated life that deviates from proper function.  Iniquity is what causes the love of most to grow cold!


For more reading on the subject, see:
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7 Responses to The Old Creation Witness – The Dark side

  1. The barbers chair is looking pretty peaceful and non-threating, to me, at this point. “How about you”. A close shave with a straight razor, in a Mexican border town, with hot lather, looks like a winner compared to a toxic cocktail mixed by the devil himself. Thank you Pepe.for the shave and hot towel wrap. Your service is worthy of a generous tip. Hasta la vista Pepe!

  2. I went through and still go to what calls itself the church.There a lot of innocent people about to experience what we have seen and heard. I have stayed behind to help others decipher whats going on.Some people were there to help open my eyes,and I’d like to pass that on. There was a sign on the wall of a 24/7 prayer room in Charlotte that said.We know that the church has done alot to hurt you.and we apologize for that.and were trying to do something to fix that. And thats kind of my attitude now is I know there are a lot of problems but what can I do to help fix them. Thats why I love this format. In order to discuss it and maybe we can find solutions. Like your book says. That non is left behind. There is one more thing I read in that prayer room. Thats the part about Jesus washing the feet of the deciples and knowing what each one was thinking as he was washing their feet and what they would eventually do,,yet he still refused to leave them. I don’t think Im allowed to run any more.What do you think?

  3. Dear Daniel,

    I am so glad to hear that you are staying, and helping to set the captives free! That has been my heart for many years. The real key is the means by which we are set free from the manhandling, including the work of our own hands. The Kingdom of God is in the Holy Spirit. It is no place else. So when Jesus tells us to seek first the kingdom of God, He is giving us the key to freedom from the work of man’s hands, including our own. To seek the Kingdom of God it to seek what is governed by The Spirit – covered by The Blood of Jesus, and governed by His DNA. This is perhaps another clue to what’s wrong with “Avastin,” and how to detect its work. Avastin cuts off the blood supply, and by the standards of conventional medicine, that is considered beneficial. The same can be said for what is feeding what has been calling itself “church.” It dares to put its trust so much more “… than the sweetest frame…” rather than “… wholly lean on Jesus Name.”


  4. I appreciate the quick reply, communication brings forth stimulation (understanding).You know the story about our friend George. Working for a pharmaceutical company that said they weren’t in the business of curing anything but making life long customers.Your stuff is always a reread so i can get the most out of what you write thats what i’ll do this week just turn the t.v. off and soak.

  5. George Dunn says:

    I love that “Thy word
    is medicine AND healing unto all thy flesh…” It is not just a “treatment’ but indeed is healing.” No life long customers here. Just life!

  6. Suzanne V says:

    Dear Jay,

    Just before I read your post on “the Old Creation witness, the Dark Side”, I had watched a video by Ron Clouzet, one of the most spiritual, least appreciated Seventh day Adventist theologians. He was addressing the issue of the true vs. the counterfeit Holy Spirit.

    Here’s the link, if you care to watch it:

    Could what is being sold to the church as the Holy Spirit actually be increasing the diseased condition of the church and stimulating the growth of worldliness and fleshly motives? Could it be that, by substituting something that oxygen-starves the healthy members of the body of the true breath of life, this counterfeit holy spirit is robbing them of and inoculating them against the Spirit of life in Christ?

    Could it be that what is supposedly the kingdom of God, the reign of the Holy Spirit, is just a repackaged version of the spirit of the world, and is promoting spiritual death?

    Brother Ron Clouzet is a pastor whose great burden is to see the Holy Spirit take charge of the body of Christ. What he brings out in this video is that the counterfeit holy spirit is multiplying because of the desire of human nature for power, the same spirit that actuated Lucifer. Lucifer wanted the power of God, but not the character of God.

    God is love; the Spirit of God is the Spirit of Divine, self-sacrificing love (“the love that is good for enemies”). So the power of the Holy Spirit is not merely supernatural ability to do miracles. The devil can do that. They are called “lying wonders”, because they promote the lie that we can be god, that we have supernatural abilities to heal or prophesy or make stones into bread, or to preach in a way that brings people to conversion.

    It’s a subtle difference, but The truth is poles apart: We are only vessels. It is the love of God that heals, converts, and constrains us to preach the gospel. Being filled with the Spirit is being filled with the power of His love, as many born again believers can attest to experiencing at conversion.

    Ron’s point is that, instead of touting the power to do stuff, which only increases the spirit of the world in the church we need to seek, as you said, the Bread of life, to eat His flesh and drink His blood, that is to seek God Himself as the cure for our fallen condition, to have His life and likeness; by faith, to have His righteousness, which is manifested in a life of oneness and harmony with His will, which is to say, obedience. Oh, that hated word. The flesh can’t stand that word.

    But Jesus said in Matthew 7, (Ron Clouzet brings this out, too) to those with the counterfeit power of the Spirit, “I never knew you. Depart from Me, ye that work iniquity” Iniquity here is in the Greek “ANOMIA” which means lawlessness. You wanted the power but not the righteousness, the appearance of great spitituality without the self-denying love that (according to Jesus) is the basis of the law and (according to Paul) is the fulfilling of the law. In other words, He is saying, you want the appearance of godliness without the power thereof. The power of the Spirit of God is the true power of the gospel, which is transformation into His likeness, the process of total healing of our fallen condition and the restoration of the image of the One Who is meek and lowly of heart.

    • Thank You! Sad to say it certainly “could be.” Spiritual pyrotechnics are very much in vogue in our day. We must test everything, including the spirits.
      I have not read or listened to Ron’s sermon as yet, but hope to get to it when things calm down a little around here. I hope he is not one of those who picks out the worst of the pyrotechnics in order to make a case against walking in the Spirit. We need to walk in the Spirit, and the Bible remains as our best plum line for testing what purports to be in the Spirit.


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