Heresy In A Nut Shell, (or “Cell” as the case may be

In this post I hope to summarize what I have learned on the cutting edge of heresy hunting so far. Here goes:

What’s been calling itself “church” are mutated cells. They typically go through a series of mutations before becoming full blow heresy. Like CSI, the solution turns out to be in the DNA. In part or in whole, we are what our DNA makes us. The “finger prints” of heresy cells turn out to be as unique or nearly unique as those of its victims.

As I understand it, these are the key genetic changes or mutations that make heresy what it is. Heresy like any other cell has a genetic make up, chromosomes with many genes. There is also a hereditary influence. Our heredity may include cells that are already in a mutated state, but not yet heresy, you know like “ministries” passed down from fathers to sons.

There are four crucially important gene changes from what God calls Church to what calls itself “church.”

Cells differ from one another, but each healthy cell has a genetic set of instructions as to what it is to do in the body of Christ. In what calls itself “church” that gene is confused so that the cell no longer knows what it is doing, it ceases to perform its proper function.

Healthy cells have a gene that tells them how often to multiply. In what’s been calling itself “church” this gene is mutated to reproduce or divide at a much more rapid rate, differing from “church” to “church.”

Healthy Churches have a gene that tells them when to die. In what calls itself “church” this gene is mutated to tell the cell to never die.

What’s been calling itself “church” is able to reach out and redirect blood vessels from supplying healthy life in the Spirit and healthy body parts to supplying the agendas of men in their deceitful scheming.

What’s been calling itself “church” is also a moving target, because the mutations continue making it difficult to hit the target, and that brings us to the state of the art: “targeted heresy treatment.”

This treatment is designed to identify self-serving error, and only go after and kill that. There are a great many genetic fingerprints in what’s been calling itself church,” so this treatment is still in the works, further ahead in treating some apparitions and playing catch up in treating others.

There are a few in this field, “…known, but regarded as unknown,”

For many years now they have been under attack by “what’s been calling itself “church.” Savage wolves have done everything possible to shut them down.

The lingering problem is cost. Because the “what’s been calling itself “church” lobby is against them “… and many there are who go that way,” it has succeeded in making it very difficult for the world to see what God calls Church.

Hint: What God calls Church has the mind of Christ Who made Himself of no reputation. When we call ourselves stuff, we do so in order to have a reputation. That makes it easier to divide, and maintain the division of the body of Christ. This is not rocket science folks!



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