Starry Night by George Dunn

I received a couple of things by my friend George Dunn. He was not at last year’s Global Gathering, but heard about what I had shared there and contacted me.

We have since become very close in The Lord. George is the real deal. He had set aside his guitar over 20 years go when The Lord convicted him of entertaining rather than leading worship. He brought his guitar here to the cabin for his most recent visit, (on the 11th) and played this song, the words of which he had written.

It was mid-afternoon, when he sang to us, not normally the time when the birds are chirping, but when he began to play, the birds came near, and sang with him. We couldn’t help but think they had come to show God’s approval. :-)


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5 Responses to Starry Night by George Dunn

  1. Thanks George! On many levels! :-)

  2. Daniel Hernandez says:

    Man! Wow! Yup. Sniffle sniffle.Heard that man say alot of beautiful things. But thats got to be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard him say. The guitar was especially effective too. Your a cool dude man!

  3. Oh and by the way Jay, your the man. Ive been to your house with the felled tree for a stairway. Been in prayer meetings with you at the sheperds room.Youve given me the book.The women at the well,and not left behind.I like that thing you did with the Drop dead gorgeous woman. Your always worth listening to and reading. Like I said your the man.Ive missed you more than you’ll ever know man. Its because of you things started to make sense,and you made sense out of the kingdom. Your beautiful man!I will always remember you well and what you taught me.Im really sorry your so ill bro.But if worse comes to worse i’ll see you in the omega.But the eyes of my heart would sure like to see you one more time. You’re a trooper!

    • Thank You Daniel! I hope to get back to Charlotte, at least one more time before “Omega.” October for a “Global Gathering” there! :-) My subject: “Jesus Is Lord of Relationship.”


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