The First Commandment With Promise

Please note that this is not a promise made to parents in exchange for honoring their children. No! This is a promise made to children for honoring their parents. The promise is that, “it may go well with you, and your days long upon the land.”

The reason is because the parents are a generation ahead of their children where the art/business of living is concerned. The reason should be clear to everyone, and not so long ago it was clear, but not today. Today children may know more about computers and cell phones, but no longer seem to know that there is more to life than Facebook and computer games – things like authentic face to face relationships, for instance.

This generational head start applies over the course of an entire lifetime. It’s even better than GPS. :-)

In fairness to the children, it seems that they get wounded by parental dysfunction at an earlier and earlier age, and so are predisposed to avoid real relationships, because that’s where they have been wounded time and time again. To enter the kingdom of God we must enter as a child prior to their wounding, prior to their knowledge of good and evil.


P.S. I want to encourage you I connection with the most important book on this subject of parenting that I have ever read – “Hold On To Your Kids: Why Parents Need To Matter More Than Peers.” – Hold On To Your Kids
For continued reading on this subject, see Kingdom Authority Works By Honor

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5 Responses to The First Commandment With Promise

  1. twotrees928 says:

    could you amplify and expand your essay please. just what are you wanting to really say? i am with you in spirit i believe and would enjoy hearing more from your own experience. let it go …

    • The first thing I “really want to say” is that honor is on the endangered species list, and perhaps already extinct. It used to be that “children were to be seen and not heard,” and now it’s parents and grandparents that are to be seen and not heard.

      Where the difference between parents and peers is concerned, this is what my wife Carleen and I see, (she is a recently retired school teacher, and has had a lot of opportunity over the years to watch the deterioration of parenting.)for a parent to be able to download into a child’s life there must be connection, and this is especially true of the child’s connection to the parent. If the child does not feel connected to the parent, they will not receive from the parent. In our day, parents have largely abandoned their children to gadgets, peers and media talking heads. The result is that parenting ends before childhood ends, and the result is what we are seeing in the decline and fall of western culture. The book does an excellent job in laying this out with great clarity. I hope this helps!



  2. twotrees928 says:

    Thank you Jay for your Spiritual connectivity and sensitivity! Having ones Spirit open to “see” the spiritual slaughter of a generation plus that is clueless as to any solution that they would desire to participate in. It has been a painful observation, and one that is connected to the heart of GOD HIMSELF, to see parents and children blinded by the god of this world “running hard” away from the their SAVIOUR whetheir they are in “church” or in the death grip of the world. My prayer is that those of us (the authentic church that the LORD SUPREME has already called out – PRAISE HIS NAME), can be mature enough “in CHRIST” that HE may choose to use us to go for HIM to “Nineveh of this world” and tell the truth as THE SPIRIT would direct. HE IS THE POTTER, we are the clay. selah + may our HOLY LORDS healings and gracious blessings be upon you and your family.

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