What Is God Hoping For?

Returning once again to Romans 8:20, why would The Creator frustrate His own creation? Having frustrated it in hope, what was He hoping for? Romans is careful to tell us that neither the creation nor created things were responsible for the frustration, but the Creator Himself. When did this happen? What happened? Why?

Romans 8:24 asks the question, “Who hopes for what they already have?” To frustrate a creation, one must first have a creation, so the creation must have already been created at the time it was subjected to frustration. It must have been before “the fall.” The frustration was already in the garden before “the fall,” and was a contributing factor leading to “the fall.”

What was God hoping for, which is to say, What was it He did not already have? Why did He neglect to create what He was hoping for? Was it an oversight on The Creator’s part? We think not. It could only be there must have been something The Creator could not create – something He was hoping for that frustration could facilitate.

The answer is at once simple and profound. Any thoughts? :-)

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2 Responses to What Is God Hoping For?

  1. Jeffrey Tinkel says:

    A Drop Dead Gorgeous Woman!!!! :-)

  2. :-)

    Only after Jesus does the “makeover.”

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