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The Church Is a Conversation

“… But speaking the truth in love… Not forsaking the… conversation, … as the manner of some is, we are drawn heavenward into Him Who is the Head, even Christ Jesus…” As I thought more about this over the past … Continue reading

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Kingdom Authority Works By Honor

In our last post we spoke about the priority of being over doing. In this post we want to explore the difference between the authority of doing and the authority of being. I’ll begin by “cutting to the chase:” Authority … Continue reading

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Choking on Their Chaff

This is not the first time I have posted on this blog, thoughts concerning the proper ground on which to build the church. See: “Getting New Life Into a Polluted Woman.” The Stronghold of David was built on the Threshing … Continue reading

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The Silence of the Kings – The Silence of the Lambs

Have you noticed, that kings tend to be way too loud, even kings by any other name? It can only be that we are supposed to have a part in what it takes to shut them down and make them … Continue reading

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Lectures Versus Conversations

To begin with, it’s difficult to take up an offering for a conversation. But that’s not so bad, because lectures and lecturers don’t really lend themselves to the pursuit of truth. Truth is best found in Christ centered conversation, not … Continue reading

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