A Day of Sweet Remembering

Eight years ago today, Jay Ferris was taken home to his place in Christ. Many on this list knew him, and were personally impacted by the specific revelation God gave him about relationships, as well as the palatable love of God that poured through him. On this anniversary, I wish to invite everyone, whether you knew him or not, to remember the legacy of this saint gone before, in one of three ways. 

1. Visit the Jay Ferris Memorial Page, where you can read dozens of testimonies and short stories of people who knew Jay personally. Find it at: https://lovinglikegod.com/memorial/

2. Watch an inspiring 30 minute interview about the nature of the Kingdom of God. Jay’s responses, according to the interviewer, were unlike anything he had heard before. Go to: https://lovinglikegod.com/media/video-kog/ 

3. Listen to one of his audios, some of which were at a “Searching Together” Conference which he regularly attended. As Jay often said, “Buckle up,” because I believe you’ll find these audios to be a powerful ride. Listen at: https://lovinglikegod.com/media/ 

Father, we thank You for the gift Jay Ferris was to the world. As fellow “Lovers in Training,” may we not pull back in fear or unbelief from what You have for us. May a revelation of Your love in Christ make us different people today, than we were yesterday! 

In Love!


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6 Responses to A Day of Sweet Remembering

  1. Butch Renaud says:

    Thank you for reminding me of his impact on my life and relationships. Blessings

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Pam! What an honoring post, and a wonderful remembrance. Bless you!! And miss you!!! Love, Lisa

  3. It’s always a blessing to remember snd honor those who have poured out their lives for others including a few of Us here that know and carry on the legacy. I am always grateful for the Relationship having the opportunity to know this Great Man of God personally and as a Son in the Faith.

    I will always hope and pray that the spark of Liberty in the flame of the Passion of Christ will burn in the hearts of All Men. For this is a great Mystery for those who will be willing to embrace the Cross the journey and be a willing participate to run in this race. May we be that example to all that will behold this word. Thank you Jay for your example.

  4. bigdave63 says:

    Thanks for posting Pam! What a legendary force for the Kingdom! : )

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