A New Direction

Hello friends and family of Jay’s!

This is Lisa Weger, a spiritual daughter of Jay’s.  I’ve been reading alongside all of you as these blogs of Jay’s have been reissued week after week.  Talking with Pam, Carleen and a couple of other witnesses, we have decided to change direction in what and how we post.  Our hope is that you will agree and participate in the upcoming journey.

In conversations with Jay, there were 2 major revelations that he had in his lifetime that he cherished and held tight to for the rest of his life.  They were on the Love of God and Relationships from God. These revelations changed his life, and the lives of many of us who knew him.  Combined – understood and lived out thru God – they have the power to make us, the Church, unshakable.

Since early in my relationship with Jay I have wanted to spend time delving more into these revelations and how, in particular, Jay lived them out.  From his revelation of the Love of God, Jay coined the term “Lover in Training”.  This, he believed and passed on to us, is our job description.  I’ve never come across a better Lover in Training than Jay.  My heart is to look at his life and who and how the Lord made him – both to honor him, and to come away with more revelation in the areas of God’s Love and Relationships from God as well as more inspiration and power in the Spirit to live them.

As a vehicle to start this journey, we believe that a good place to start is the book of emails between Jay and myself titled, “Not Left Behind:  Going Back for the Offended”.   (The book is on this website in pdf format – the link is HERE).   For several reasons.   First and foremost, it shows Jay in real time being a Lover in Training.  These were the actual emails between us, word for word, except for changing some names.  Second, in the course of discussion, Jay introduces himself and these revelations as only he could.  And third, it was Jay’s heart to have conversations and relationships (as first shown to me on page 12 of the book, in the second paragraph of the first email he wrote to me: “except writing to a journal falls too far short of what is possible when writing to a person”.)   Jay’s message of being a Lover in Training cannot be fully understood outside the context of relationship.  The Lord needed another (me) to demonstrate, with Jay, the dynamic and chemistry and force of His Spirit as He puts two people together for His purposes.   That was all captured in this book.

We’re not sure how the Lord will orchestrate this undertaking – how we’ll go thru the book. Our belief is that will fall into place as we go.  We hope that all of you will join us in conversation as we go, adding more of your personal experiences with Jay and understandings of what you learned from and with him.

Welcome to the journey!

Lisa Weger

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3 Responses to A New Direction

  1. Carleen Ferris says:

    Thanks Lisa, this is exciting and special. Many of us want to be “lovers in training,” but need some help in this area. Together I think we can do it. Praying, love Carleen

  2. David Carnahan says:

    At 79 I would agree that we are “lovers in training.” I agree that this is a worthy pursuit, and at the heart of redemption. May we grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior – loving Him.

  3. Lisa Weger says:

    Hi Carleen and David – it’s so good to see you here! Thank you for your encouragement and agreement. That means so much to me! And, I believe, to the Lord. Praying with you.

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