Waking up to the Meaning of Inflation – It’s More Than Meets the Pocketbook

inflation-book2The events of today’s world in the area of monetary affairs provide us with a most graphic confirmation of the truth of the Bible – that there is a war going on for control of the world. One way or another, all of us are involved. According to Scripture, the long-term outcome has already been determined, but the short-term outcome has not, though it has very real bread-and-butter consequences for each of us every day. This war cannot be ignored or avoided; it affects all of us worldwide. The battleground is economic. It is over the control of individuals. It has to do with how we relate to each other.

It is at the point of relating – or relationship – that money or, more precisely, a “medium of exchange”, comes about. The medium of exchange is the way that we relate to others for the fulfillment of their needs and desires. If the “kings of this earth” can control our medium of exchange, then they can control us.

This is what inflation is all about. Inflation is nothing more than the monetary manifestation of a grab for power, to run lives and to later dispose of them. It is a form of corruption. As our ability to exchange is corrupted, we become controlled. We are controlled at the core of our being by the things we value: “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

The final outcome of this fight has never been in doubt. It was determined from the foundation of the world. But this knowledge does not alter our responsibility to be a part of the battle. If those who have understanding don’t get involved, the battle is lost. Even though this loss will only hold for the short run, the Biblical short run can be a long time.

It may be long enough to include another Dark Ages.

  • Jay Ferris
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