Cancer, The Crab

This is a good typical representation of the Zodiac sign for Cancer – the Crab. In German the word is Crebb or “Crebbs,” and that is the word that is used in Germany for what we know in America as “Cancer.”

A question asked of “cancer” patients with increasing frequency is, “What is you pain level, on a scale between 0 and 10?”

The next question usually follows up with, and what does the pain feel like, and suggests a whole bunch of possibilities, none of which come very close to hitting the nail on the head. Both the Zodiac, and cancer or crebbs, go back before the Greeks. They knew even then what cancer feels like. It feels like having crabs inside of you body seeking what they may devour, what they can grab hold of and tear off to feed themselves. Cancer tumors are always looking for near-by organs from which they can rob nourishment, blood supply and oxygen. Larger tumors feel like they are grabbing hold of you insides on both sides of themselves, and pulling things toward themselves. Then there are the little crabs that scamper around on the beach that are too fast to catch. These are like the little agents of metastatic cancer. They run off and hide looking for an opportunity to dig in and begin to grow.

On my most recent trip to the National Cancer Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, I took a survey to see how many practitioners who were there knew what the German word for “Cancer” is. No one knew. Size can not only be very blind, but also very arrogant. Wait, it gets worse. The surgical research division has the zodiac sign for cancer on their uniform. It contains the crab, and Hercules with a sword intent on killing the crab. The first one I came across wearing this symbol, also had no idea, not a clue about the sign or that the German word for Cancer is “crebbs.”

Finally my very German Surgeon came in also wearing this insignia on his uniform, and so, once again I asked the question: What is the German word for Cancer. Of course he got it right, but that seemed to be as far as his thinking had gone on the subject.

I suspect that much could be learned if we were not so determined to forget about history.

“… are condemned to repeat it.”


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2 Responses to Cancer, The Crab

  1. margeport says:

    Wow, amazing research, Jay!

    I’ll copy the info for my German brother-in-law who has had 2 types of cancer for a no. of years. He takes certain medications and doesn’t have any ongoing pain–which apparently *you* do. (It sounds *horrible!*)

    THANKS … and BLESSINGS, *Marge P.*

  2. Millie Spock says:

    After reading the description of cancer , I tried hard to imagine how dreadful it must be to experience this pinching pain and thought to myself, ” how easy it is to read or hear about something ( including history too ) but until we really experience it , it does not become a vivid reality .( maybe this is why history has to repeat itself so much ?
    We have to be touched by it before it becomes so real in our hearts as to know it’s origin ! And isn’t this also so true of Gods love !!
    We can read about it and even hear about it from others but until we really experience it , ” it does not become real” and this is where I see you dear brother, for you are one who has allowed others to experience the Fathers love through you . You have touched the hearts of many , including my beloved daughter . May you be greatly blessed knowing that greater is He that is within you, then all the “crebbs” in this world !!! :)
    Praying those critters are soon removed ! Yet I know , “cancer or anything in this whole world , can never stop (seperate) you from ” LOVEING ” or being ” LOVED ”


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