Grace is the impartation of the DNA of God.

This mouthful requires elaboration more soon.


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2 Responses to Grace!

  1. That is one of the richest statements I have heard in a while. Most who name Christ do not really know what grace is. I have my take, but from what I have heard you share, I will wait and let you. Writing is definitely a gift you have been given. Thanks Jay.

  2. Craig Schlumbohm says:

    So profound, yet so simple. I just two weeks ago I taught from the first Chapter of John, “And we beheld His glory (nature,character), that as of the only begotten of the Father (Papa’s only progeny); full of grace and truth.
    Grace: the ability to do His will; the wherewithal to go through that which He has called us to; His imparted nature via the Holy Spirit through His good pleasure and generosity; an undeserved act of generosity with the intended result of bringing the bestowed into greater relational trust.

    When we begin to grasp an understanding of the ‘great grace’ that we have been brought into through Jesus’ completed work,(the grace of a new covenant) we can only begin to comprehend how wonderful our new nature, that of His great grace, and the transition frorm darkness into His marvelous light, truly is. Then as we continue in Christ, the author and finisher of our faith (the grace to believe), we mature from infancy ulitimatety into sonship (the grace work of sanctification).

    Thank you for revealing truth from Papa’s heart,
    Craig Schlumbohm

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