Two Different Economies

This past Saturday and Sunday, among other things we spent the time reading through the book of Revelation. In reading over Chapters 17-19 once again, I was struck by the difference in the two economies. The Economy of Babylon, the prostitute, and the economy of the Kingdom of God, the Bride. One is an economy of getting, and the other is an economy of giving. The medium of exchange of the former is a lie, and the medium of exchange of the latter is The Love of God – the Agape that was redefined at the cross.


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3 Responses to Two Different Economies

  1. Lisa Weger says:

    So much here. Perhaps the foremost thing is knowing that in the Kingdom there is nothing to get. We already have everything. It is out of this knowing that we become available to have relationship. Otherwise we are really only self focused, in constant need to “get”. That is the lie of Babylonian living, and is in constant conflict with Kingdom living: that there is always something that we need to “get”.

    Giving is a natural by-product of knowing that we already have everything. It is given freely to Us, and flows out of Us effortlessly. “Laying down our lives” for someone is really about first knowing who the Lord is giving us to be in relationship with, and second, living from the place of the Kingdom within us. We are laying down our right to Babylonian living, where the preoccupation is for ourselves.

    There is an order in the Kingdom, though, and it takes discernment to know when and how to be. “I only do as the Father does… I only say what the Father says”. We have to take our eyes off ourselves and onto Him to discern this.

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