Mutated Cells

As you may already know, I am presently in a war with stage IV colorectal cancer. The conventional prognosis is “incurable” with a rather short lived life expectancy.

On the afternoon of February 28th we got word that I have been approved for treatment at the Burzynski Clinic in Houston TX. Dr. Burzynski has been the target of the mainline cancer treatment establishment, including the FDA. They have tried repeatedly to put him out of business,  so far without success. It seems that Dr Burzynski has been successful with cancers for which there is no hope, at least not by the standards of what has been calling itself “cancer treatment.”

Having said that, and having been approved for this new treatment. I am once again positioned to see something with a little greater clarity. Burzynski’s treatment, as we understand it, goes after cancer cells according to their genetic make up. It only prevents the wrong DNA – the mutated DNA of cancer cells from reproducing, and has no harmful side effects on healthy cells.

It occurs to me this is also what is needed for fighting the mutated life that has been calling itself “church.” I hope to learn more about how it works in short order, and perhaps come into some better understanding of how to address what is wrong with what continues to call itself “church.”


More on the subject:  Mutated Cells – Take 2
and The Old Creation Witness – The Dark Side

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10 Responses to Mutated Cells

  1. allthewaydoc says:

    outstanding opportunity to be able to try such treatment!

    Indeed the church is full of cancer. so sad how it spreads so quickly and malignantly.

    I shall continue in my prayers for you!

  2. hallelujah !!!!!!!!!! does the LIVING GOD still answer prayer. IF HE has HIS eye on the sparrow – i know HE’S watchin me. jay, you are on the right road now with healing coming your way. our SUPREME GOD IS BIG ENOUGH and prayer will be going your way via the throne room until the new dawn breaks forth in your life and family. peace and love, r

  3. I love you openness and strength as you share your journey in faith and medicine. You are awesome! Big hugs to you!! Jo

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