Change in Covenants

The Old Covenant was of the letter and was made obsolete at or by the cross, in either case, by the time the Spirit came in a new way at Pentecost.

The New Covenant came in, by, and with the Spirit at Pentecost.

The Old Covenant was of the letter – a matter of words.

The New Covenant was, and is, of the Spirit – a matter of the Spirit.

The problem comes when we try to reduce to words what can only happen in and by the Spirit. This takes us back in time to the letter – even letters that kill, and away from the Spirit who gives life.

I believe this is what happened early on after Pentecost, like within the first 100 years, for instance, The self appointed experts tried to reduce to words what had happened in the Spirit and the result was the Dark Ages. Now as then, our feeble attempts to reduce the work of The Spirit to words always takes us to the “Dark Side.”

If we can only take the time to discern whether or not a person is in a Spiritual place to receive our verbal communication or attempts to communicate where we might be in the Spirit, then it is better to wait until a more opportune time – You know, kind of like what Jesus did at The Last Supper – “I have more to say to you, but you are not yet ready to receive it…”

Happy Sunday!



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3 Responses to Change in Covenants

  1. michaeldc110 says:

    “Words, words, words! I get them all day, first from HIM and now from you! Is that all you blackards can do?” ~ Lisa Doolittle

    Great advise, my brother! Yes, you can’t generate what only the Spirit can say and He speaks to the heart, not the head. As spirit-moved teachers in the body all we can do is give a second witness to what God is already saying to that individual in their hearts. All we can do is reinforce His personal communication with the other person and confirm to them that they CAN hear Gods voice. Anything else is just religion.

  2. yea and a “hearing” amen. recently, i have only found one person of any kind of “SPIRIT HEARING”. this experience bring to memory several scriptures: 1) isaiah 6 – all 2) II cor.ii:1-4. 3) the chief principle of I cor.12:13 states “for by one SPIRIT are we all baptized into one body, whether we be jews or gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been made to drink into one SPIRIT” then why so many divisions in the body of CHRIST called denominations, independent assemblies, etc? the LORD HIMSELF hates division when it comes to true worship. (see john ch.4)

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