Rejection a Tell Tale Sign!

TRUTH: “For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. You have done a foolish thing, and from now on you will be at war,”  2 Chronicles 16:9.

The “eyes of the Lord” are looking for those who embrace the truth – all of the truth. Jerusalem not only rejected all of the TRUTH, but crucified it.  Just what is it about TRUTH that makes it so unpalatable? It is hidden agenda. The rejection of TRUTH reveals hidden agenda. It is then just a matter of discerning what that hidden agenda is. Both Biblically and experientially, even to the searching of our own hearts, the root problem is the desire for preeminence and center stage, 3 John 9.   The root cause is feeling “less than,” or in other words, an identity crisis.  This is the crisis that made the couple in the Garden of Eden vulnerable to the serpent’s temptation to eat the wrong stuff in order to be “like God.”

The Remedy for “less than” is the Revelation of The Cross. This is the place where we discover the redefined love of God, ie.e. the redefined “agape” of God.

That is the foundation stone of “more than,” Romans 8:37.  It is there, and only there, where hidden agendas have any chance of being taken captive.

Of course it is possible to be rejected for communicating error, but it is just as possible, and perhaps even more so, for communicating TRUTH.  The history of what’s been calling itself “church” (including “reformation church,” “cutting edge church,” and even “revival church”) is all proof enough of the ongoing rejection of TRUTH. All of these brands of “church” have mud on their feet from where they have been. It is right here that the need for foot washing comes into its most important revelation.

Rejection of Truth tells tales on hidden agendas.



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5 Responses to Rejection a Tell Tale Sign!

  1. Big Higg says:

    Jay: I appreciate your heart and understanding concerning TRUTH. I have found that TRUTH more times than not divides and most of the time the first reaction to TRUTH is one of anger. TRUTH is rejected when it threatens our preconceived notions and ideas. TRUTH has a way of getting to the crux of the matter, without all the verbal intercourse. We all claim to be lovers of the TRUTH; but sometimes its easier to state your position and defend it to your last breath. I am looking forward to the day when agreement will be more important than our present understanding of TRUTH! Blessings!

    • Thanks Blake! Key phrase: “looking forward to the day.” As of now there is widespread agreement amount those who are caught up in one aspect or another of what has been calling itself “church,” whether in pointy top buildings or in private living rooms, but the agreement has more to do with the “traditions of men,” than it has with the TRUTH. It is those traditions that have made the TRUTH of God of no effect. There continues to be widespread agreement where the division of The Body of Christ is concerned. This absolutely flies in the face of John 17:21.

  2. michaeldc110 says:

    As the hippies used to say, “Right Arm!” :-)

    I shared this with George and we were both blessed. He says to tell you, “Hi.”

    I agree that rejection of the Truth always has an agenda behind it. The Jewish leaders said of Jesus, “Behold how all men are going after Him. If we don’t stop him, the Romans will come and we will loose our place.” It seems that the more things change, the more that old Adam in man remains the same. The stewards over the Lord’s vineyard are still saying, “Here comes the Err. Let’s take Him and kill Him and then we can have the whole vineyard to ourselves.” So they reject the Truth anywhere he shows up in the hearts of men because it didn’t come out from them and He leads men out from under their control. It leads those who are set free to not only be purveyors of the Truth, but INTO all Truth. “He who is IN Christ is free indeed.”

    Keep sharing. Good stuff,


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