The Money Delusion

By now, with the help of academia, the government, the bankers, and the media, we have moved beyond the “money illusion” and are presently located in the money delusion. The problem with gold as money is not that there isn’t enough of it, (Gold is infinitely divisible, so the quantity is not a problem) no, the problem from a governmental perspective is that gold has integrity. By now there is so much corruption in the system that no one seems to want integrity any more, not even where money is concerned.

Fiat or paper money is a lie. The Constitution says, “no State shall make anything but Gold and silver legal tender in payment of debt.”

Gold represents monetary truth. It is not the absolute Truth, only Jesus Christ is “The TRUTH!” Gold is the provision of God for monetary truth, and as such represents Christ in free markets. In the Greek, gold is “crusos,” and Christ is “Cristos.” The functional definition of the Greek root is “furnish what is needed.”

Where worldly economics are concerned, it is gold that is needed. Ultimately it is Christ Who is needed. He has become for us our only integrity!

Economically we have already passed the “event horizon,” and are headed for a “black hole.” Whether another “Dark Ages” or the “Second coming,” it’s not going to be pretty for quite a while.


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1 Response to The Money Delusion

  1. AN AUTHENTIC LIVING FAITH SAYS 2ND COMING IS PROVIDENTUAL BEING BROUGHT TO VEIW. the question has always been and still is: will we wait for the religious leaders of the day to usher in this revelation or will we as sons and daughters, priest, and ambassadors, HEAR DIRECTLY from OUR LIVING LORD AND SAVIOUR – JESUS !

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