Communist Manifesto

I’m very sorry to have to say this, but Obama’s “economic recovery” programs look more like the Communist Manifesto every day. So far from President of the United States, he just insists on continuing in his role as an organizer. Isn’t it time we figured out what kind, and called it like it is?



P.S. So far it’s like watching the Russian Revolution, only without bullets.

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4 Responses to Communist Manifesto

  1. Don’t worry, the government’s going to take care of you – and you – and you – and you.

    • Bill Thurman says:

      Those of you who want paper human laws to protect selfish interests, would do well to wake up. It’s an abuse of human government on both sides. It’s wrong for any of you capitalist parasites to use paper laws, unfair to real workers, to fatten your already fat heaps. It’s also wrong for any of you ’employed’ & government parasites to hijack value from real creators of wealth & spend it — as if you had a right to it. If any demonstrators of either Rockefeller or Mao mentality genuinely want to help the world, let them show us how, over a lifetime, to provide more human needs & wants for the world than we soak up from it. Then there might be enough for all.

  2. Bill Thurman says:

    If Stalin were ‘president’, wouldn’t he be delighted in the ‘progress’ of our regime? Furthermore, if Gorbachev had been elected president, would he not, unlike our regime, have learned his lesson? Wouldn’t he have steered us away from the hopeless traps that destroyed his defunct Soviet system? Would he have set the steel jaws our regime has set for us, our children, our grandchildren, &c.?

  3. innperlenburg says:

    Actually, I think such overlords would rather like to eliminate as many of us ‘useless eaters’ as possible.

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