Speaking of kings…

After another 24 hour belly full of what passes for news, and that juxtaposed on my personally being on the inside of the medical care system, which is now making its contribution to the bankruptcy of the America, I am compelled to step into the political economic arena once again:

Glenn Beck has been trying to figure out the agenda that makes sense out of today’s news/chaos. He gets my applause for, at least trying. Yesterday I was reminded of the answer to this riddle which became clear back in the 60s to, at least some of the then equivalent of the Tea Party people. Back then it seemed quite far fetched to most people, but today it is becoming a lot less deniable.

The agenda that underlies the man made world events of today’s world is:

Bankrupt the United States of America for the purpose of bringing it down to a level where it will become acceptable to merge it together with the have not nations under a one world governmental system.

Back in the 60s this was looked at in the context of the conflict between the prosperous west, and the impoverished east/communist block nations. By now it is clear that the have not nations include the entire third world, regardless of race, creed, religion or politics.

The important thing is a one world government.

The bottom line of the elusive “Obama Doctrine” is redistribution with an eye to a one world government.

Kings are just one category of external control. There are many categories, by as many names, and all having to do with power over others.  All are subject to the Lord Acton’s adage:

“All power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

There is one notable exception – the One Who said, “… but I have come that they might have life and have it more abundantly.”

Just before he said, Jesus said, “The thief comes naught to rob, kill and destroy…” John 10:10.

This country for the past half century, has been systematically taken to it’s knees! The most notable systems involved in this destruction are:

Educational, Governmental, Legal, Monetary/Banking, Medical, (and what’s been calling itself “church” the real root problem of it all. So far from justifying mercantile/Canaanite agendas, the Church was supposed to be the conduit of the “… manifold wisdom of God.” Ephesians 3:10

If any one has the statistical information that puts these industries in order by size and cost, and effectiveness, it would be much appreciated. (Of course the legal system is woven throughout the others, and in large measure has conformed them to its own vested interests.) It would also be nice to know what the real cost benefits are of these various systems as they presently exist. Are they/we economically viable as a nation any longer? :-/



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  1. What's in a Name? says:

    Hear, hear!

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