Observations On The News

Over the past week I have been preoccupied with colon cancer surgery and recovery. This has had me somewhat handicapped where writing is concerned. It has, however, positioned me once again to get a belly full of news media drivel. For now I just want to make two observations having to do with political economy.

First: Letting lawyers pass laws is like letting dentists pass cavities. It is difficult to imagine a bigger or more liberty damaging conflict of interest!

Second: Historically, markets determine what serves as money. Historically gold and silver have had the starring roles. Once the medium of exchange or money is identified by the market, governments know what to control. Gold is the monetary choice of liberty, it has no agenda except the integrity of it’s own value. Money with integrity is the arch-enemy of governmental power.
Governments contaminate the integrity of substance by adding images to the money. Money with images on it is AGENDA money. The agenda of governments is the centralization of control, which is to say an end of human liberty.

There was a moment in history when things looked promising for a little while. You can read about it in the US Declaration of Independence. You won’t find much about that in the news. This too seems to be no accident.

There was a brief moment in history when things were looking hopeful for human liberty. You cam read about that moment in the U S Declaration of Independence. You won’t find much about that in today’s news.

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2 Responses to Observations On The News

  1. Very sorry to hear about your need for surgery — but you sound good — like you are coming back to the plate, bat in hand, ready to swing. You go, guy. Please give our love all around!

  2. Jay says:

    Thanks Whitney! :-)

    I seem to be coming along.

    Bless You!


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