Just Say No

In a free society, the government cannot entitle some to more than they can afford without enslaving those who are expected to pay for it. This is The Road To Serfdom.

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5 Responses to Just Say No

  1. Ken Talbott says:

    In Egypt the masses chant, “The people have brought down the regime!” In America we whimper, “The regime has brought down the people.” So, the problem is at last solved, as to whether America would be brought down by a bang or a whimper. Our only remaining hope is a Benevolent Dictator, were we not already knee deep in wannabe malevolent dictatorial candidates. Am I being pessimistic? I just checked the true national-debt, unemployment, commodities, and unemployment charts, and I can only whimper . . . a prayer.

  2. Short, sweet, to the point, and 100% right-on!!!

  3. Robyn Houser says:

    Well said….could not be better put!

  4. Thanks Guys! :-)

    My heart for this blog is really to stick with an elaboration of the gospel, the only positive solution I know for what is going on in the world today, but every now and then, I just have to stick my oar in. :-/

  5. Emily Forstinger says:

    I love this post and the follow-up post. So well said!

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