Hello world!

Welcome to the first day of new focus! The recurring messages over the past 30+ years have been:

  • God’s kind of love, (it’s good for enemies, Romans 5:10)
  • Relationships that come from God

In our experience, all else follows from these two.

Again, WELCOME!!

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5 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Wow, my Dad the blogger. It’s about time! What a perfect venue to share your insight!

  2. Walter says:

    God’s love is unconditional and brings TOTAL PEACE! I experienced it in 1986 and it has never left since. My prayer is that others will reach our and touch the tree of LIFE!

  3. bearded bill of beaverdam alias bill thurman says:

    if you could imagine freeing yourself from all religious preconceptions and imagine yourself listening to the prophet who first spoke isaiah 53, might you not see a need to discard the prejudicial notion that the predicted messiah would not be 100% human (rather than being simultaneously divine)? do not your own data source say ’emptied himself’ (of what?) , ‘became flesh’ (not inserted into), and “made in all points” + “took not on him[self] the nature of angels”?

  4. This is great! Blogging is a terrific forum with which to share the news and insights. I am subscribing right now.

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