We Interrupt the Program to Bring You This Special Message! :)

Dear friends, family, and subscribers of Jay Ferris and his website, “Loving Like God”…

It has been awhile since anything has been posted here on the “Loving Like God” website.  But we are excited to announce that this is going to change!  Starting this Tuesday, and Lord willing, every Tuesday thereafter, a new post by Jay Ferris will be delivered to your inbox.

The plan is to re-post one of his blog articles, starting with the oldest to the newest, and occasionally intersperse them with unreleased materials and audios!

Although a prolific communicator for many years, Jay started his blog in 2011.  His very first post dated February 9th simply stated:

Welcome to the first day of new focus! The recurring messages over the past 30+ years have been:

  • God’s kind of love, (it’s good for enemies, Romans 5:10)
  • Relationships that come from God

In our experience, all else follows from these two.

Again, WELCOME!!

Short and succinct – Jay’s life was focused on living out these two foundational principles in relationship to those the Lord gave him.  It was also his hope to inspire others (through this blog and public speaking invitations) to believe the good news that unshakeable relationships are indeed possible when founded on God’s kind of love.

So in this same heart to inspire others, we welcome you to come on this special journey of spiritual refreshment, as we regularly go through Jay’s writings once again.

If you do not want to be on this email list, or if your address has changed – please reply/comment below and it will updated for you.

Or you may use the subscriber service on the upper right of this page: www.LovingLikeGod.com/about

See you this Tuesday!



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