A Smile for Your Day – in Memory of Jay Ferris

Jay Ferris Memorial Page

“We are all Lovers In Training” – JF

To all those who knew Jay Ferris (or not).. I wanted to break the silence and do something different here, by sharing a little something that happened. Yesterday my husband and I were invited to a small town breakfast that was for charity. All the servers were volunteers. One of the volunteers that was serving tables was an elderly man that was a smitten image of Jay! He was a little shorter, but His facial features and eyes were the same. He didn’t say anything to me, or anyone. He just walked around and served people.

I found out something interesting – funny even – about this old man. He actually is known for being a little bit of a troublemaker. Even going in and out of jail. Guess what for? For helping people! He wanders around the neighborhood and picks up trash – even if it means trespassing on people’s property to do so. If he sees a dirty car he starts to wash it. The police are always coming to remove him from people’s yards. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t understand this and puts ups some resistance, and ends up at the police station.

Here he was at this event, however, quietly and humbly making sure people had coffee, picking up their plates, etc. When he picked up mine, I tried to engage him. “Thank you for your great service,” I told him. For the first time since watching him, he showed a little smile. :-)

I’m not saying this man was an angel – or Jay – but I was blessed to be served by this unique man, and be reminded of Jay’s heart to be a “garbage collector” for those people in his life who the Lord gave him.  He had a servant’s heart, and was also misunderstood for His love, even as Jesus was. But it never discouraged Him from going back again and again to those places in the hearts of people that were broken and in need of validation and healing. I was one of them, and I’m very thankful for that!  :-)


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6 Responses to A Smile for Your Day – in Memory of Jay Ferris

  1. Jerry Sledge says:

    WOW! A true servant. Really enjoyed the post.

  2. jimpuntney says:

    Love this story Pamela, and you know that I love you too!

  3. Kyle Knapp says:

    This is beautiful, thanks for sharing.

    I miss him too…

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