Seeking Help for an Audio Project

Dear Blog Readers,

I am looking for volunteers for a project.  I have unearthed some audio clippings by Jay that came from a Q&A session at a conference.  They are full of little nuggets that are fresh and on the fly.  What I’d like to do is ‘release’ one of these audios per week for a series of 10 weeks, and see how it goes.  But, I’d also like to have a readable ‘transcript’ of the audio as well!  This will give people the ability to read along with the audio, or, separately and still glean something.

To make a transcript is easy.  You just have to type out what Jay says while listening to the audio, stopping and starting it as needed. Then listening to it again one or more times to proof it.  Even though the audios are only 1-5 minutes long, it does take time to get the words down accurately on paper.

If you can help out in any way, please visit this page and let me know by email at, which audio you can do.

Thank You So Much!

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