The Song of Songs Conversation Has Moved

Thank you for the support from so many of you for the “ongoing conversation” on the blog in the Song of Songs, and I hope it has been honoring to Jay’s heart and a blessing to you.

I am writing to inform you that it has been moved to a new location.  It’s come to a point where it seems to be needed, in order to preserve Jay’s writings from any controversy that other writings may bring to the website.

Speaking of Jay’s writings, thank you to those who have been sending old emails, audio teachings, etc. of his.  It’s better than Christmas! :-)  I look forward to sifting through and bringing out some of these unpublished writings on the LovingLikeGod blog in the days ahead.

Meanwhile if the Song of Solomon was something you have been enjoying and you’d like to stay in the conversation, the NEW website for this is:

PLEASE NOTE:  The subscriber list will not be transferred to this website, so if you are interested in the Song of Songs conversation then please visit the site and enter your email address in the upper right corner.

Thank you for your understanding :-)

In His loving service,

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2 Responses to The Song of Songs Conversation Has Moved

  1. jimpuntney says:

    the ever progressing understanding of Love and His Kingdom, with you my very dear sister, each step of His ‘way’

  2. Millie says:

    Pam, I know your heart and how much you have sacrificed to pursue with all integrity to honor Jay and his personal spoken wishes to you to pursue this subject of the Song of Songs. You have done this with a pure heart of love. May this new change put to rest any thoughts otherwise. His song (Christ’s) and our brother Jays will go on in the hearts of others that know how to sing in love towards the Lord and one another. I’m looking forward to hearing this wherever it cries out …

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