Music, Love, and an Old Piano

In the process of going through Jay’s old posts and reorganizing them into categories, etc., I ran across something in the comments section of one of the posts.  Someone asked Jay how he was doing, and a short video was his response.  It is a clip from an old movie of Eddy Duchin (actor Tyrone Power) playing piano with a little boy.  Why?  Any thoughts?  Watch the endearing video and add a comment below …


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9 Responses to Music, Love, and an Old Piano

  1. Pam says:

    To add to the food for thought, Jay added in the comment section for this video, “Eddie knew more about the music, but the little boy knew more about the Love”

  2. Deborah Ford says:

    Reposted. Love changes everything!

  3. millie spock says:

    With a embrase, the child melted this mans heart that had been hardened by scars of war … This reminded my heart that Jesus said we must become as little children that we may see and know His Kingdom: LOVE <3

  4. Andrea Andreasen says:

    Something beautiful, even miraculous happens when we can just be where we are with one another.

    • Ana says:

      Andrea, that is so true. That is the heart of Jesus towards us…come as you are. We don’t have to clean up our act first. We just need to know we are loved with perfect love and be with the ONE with the one that is extending the offer. I have always felt that way with Jay, Carleen and You. I am always thanking God for the Christ in you.

  5. Maidena Young says:

    You have to wonder who the person was asking him how he was doing, for him to respond to the question with this video. Or, perhaps Jay had been watching this earlier and he was so moved by it that it came to mind when the question was asked. I think, maybe, Jay was always about the love, while he saw so many others about the music….or whatever. Millie nailed it with the scripture, unless we become as little children we cannot even see the kingdom. Thanks for sharing this, Pam! It was a very sweet scene of a movie from a very long time ago. Perhaps it was a personal message to the one who asked the question.

  6. jimpuntney says:

    I ‘see’ our Father as ‘Eddy’ and we are the little boy. His music draws us to Him, and He is more than glad to share His ‘music’ with us. He invites us to join ‘in’ with Him. We play ‘music’ together, and although our ‘music’ is simple it is ‘in’ time with His. As we play together others take notice, and the crowd is one ‘in’ the ‘music’. We love our Father with a pure heart, and this melts His heart, because ‘music’ is His Life.

  7. Shelby Marsh says:

    I,too saw us as the little boy . If we just do the small amount He asks of us, He will do all the hard parts. Together it becomes cohesive & beautiful, both parts are needed, it wouldn’t be the same if either part is missing.

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